Thursday, 21 June 2018

Vanity of Vanities - we can easily save £20bn for the NHS by canceling Osbo/Cams vanity virtue signal projects

Vanity of vanitiesall is vanity. A statement at the beginning of the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament. The pointlessness of human activity is the major theme of the book. The author, however, like Job, insists that God's laws must be kept, whether keeping them results in happiness or sorrow.

Replace God's law with economics to update this statement as few people go to Church these days

I dealt with one of the Buller boys great vanities, DFID, yesterday. I pointed out how it was structured to never under spend. . I read in today's DT that the DFID secretary of state, Penny Mordaunt, at Cabinet yesterday shocked her colleagues by stating the current protected £13 bn aid budget is,' not sustainable in its current form.'   This would have given Sir Jeremy apoplexy. La Mordaunt will be getting a severe spanking from head girl T May.for this heresy

Unfortunately we are still suffering from the Buller boys vanity. (They do a special course at most public schools in vanity. Humility is not encouraged and the meek never become members of Pop).

HS2 is their current folly that we the humble plebs will have to pay for,  for years to come. It will benefit only London where the vast majority of the transport budget is already spent to benefit the toffs.  Remember Cross rail? Only plebs live up North and its accepted wisdom they don't vote Tory or get into the Royal enclosure at Acot. 

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