Monday, 23 July 2018

Challenge Remainers abuse of our language

Am I alone in being irritated by the continual use of emotive language to distract from factual argument? Thus going on to WTO rules is described as 'crashing  out',' catastrophic' or any other doom laden term the unscrupulous term the remain media can dream that can then be endlessly chanted by the useful fools selected as the  QT audience.

Its as in Orwell's great novel 1984 destroy the meaning of our language and then anything you say is true. Trump is a past master of this technique. He is always challenged on this but  the liberal elite who are just as guilty are never challenged.

It was refreshing to read Bootle's piece in today's DT entitled, 'Ironically the EU could save us from May's Brexit disaster' I remember pointing out during the referendum campaign that our best ally in leaving was the EU. It is the same today.

Mrs May in a grey suit aka John Major ran the same project fear 25 years ago and lost. Better he had stuck to shagging Edwina.

Stop press from Guido, how Tory hopefuls would fare against Corbyn

LAB: 38%
CON: 38%
LAB: 40%
CON: 35%
LAB: 40%
CON: 30%
LAB: 40%
CON: 29%
LAB: 41%
CON: 29%

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