Wednesday, 4 July 2018

EU corruption runs rife in our Electoral Commission

I once asked of an EU bureaucrat why the Commission framed EU, ie UK laws, so imprecisely.He explained pityingly to me, that is so we can apply them rigorously to our enemies and interpret them generously for our friend. This EU corruption has insidiously infected  the integrity of our British way of life  and values of fair play and natural justice.

This is what has generated three investigations into  Vote Leave's alleged £650k breach of electoral law. its the old EU referendum trick. If at first you get the wrong answer get them to vote again. The juveniles making these allegations are not in my view credible people. Also, they are all now campaigning for a second referendum. The EC's board is dominated by those who want to overturn the result of the referendum so it suits them to support these politically motivated and spurious allegations. Think of how far Nick's allegations ran and the damage they have done to innocent people.

Honesty and integrity starts at the top or it is lost to us forever and with it our way of life.

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