Saturday, 7 July 2018

You can't trust the Tories. They always put career & party before country & principle

Such old adages usually have a a large grain of truth. As always we will  have to wait for the important details of the Maybot's plan, the Rees Mogg line. In the mean time look at who is pleased, the CBI, the IOD and the Civil Service all of whom are on the EU gravy train big time and represent the bosses.

The plan will be like Tory budgets and start to unravel very quickly in the next few days. Corbyn will exploit it, the Lib Dems will waffle and the SNP will use it as grounds for another Scotttish referendum.

The only party we can rely on to save us from the EU evil empire will be the DUP and that will be gone when they lose the balance of power at the net election.

David Davies as UK Brexit negotiator still has some power despite Oily Robbins. I suggest the best tactics for Cabinet Brexiteers is to drag their feet, say nothing to openly contradict her but only offer lukewarm support and lots of unattributed briefings, a de facto challenge to Mrs May to sack them. Its always better to be sacked than resign. I forced Farage to fire me from UKIP NEC. I did not resign and I am glad I did this. I put clear water between me and Farage. His chosen instrument was Bannerman who subsequently went off to join the Tories.

Unlike the Tory Brexiteers with May I never had any disagreement with Farage over policy.

I think Davies and Bojo are unsackable. To fire either would bring down May's government. She is still weak and wobbly and blamed by Tory ex MPs who lost their seats after her unnecessary General Election last year. Her days are numbered, Mene, mene, tekel tekel as was written on the wall at Nebuchadnezzar's feast in Babylon, a bit like May's  meal at Chequers  yesterday.


Niall Warry said...

I agree you cannot trust a Tory.

Edward Spalton said...

With David " I don't have to know very much" ( about his job) Davis and Boris " Fxxxk Business!!" Johnson supposedly battling for Britain, I see few grounds for optimism..

And you are quite right about not trusting Tories, nor anybody else in the political class.

Stephen Harness said...

I think the same can be said for UKIP. I would not trust them for one second. I certainly would not trust the Labour Party who would keep us in the EU despite their current position. I loathe the LibDems but at least they are transparent on the EU.
The Tories did grant two referendums to try to solve two problems. The Scottish Referendum and the EU Referendum. They have triggered Article 50 and we are leaving the EU. The final deal, whatever it is, will upset great sections of the UK. Their is a tightrope to be negotiated with many penalties for failure. However handing this country to Labour would be the disaster of all time. Love them or loathe them, the Tories are the only game in town for Brexit and deserve some support.
We could not have dreamed of being in this position a few years ago.

Eric Edmond said...

Cameron gave us a referendum to shift the decision out of the power of Tory MPs. Party first

Edward Spalton said...

Fair enough, Eric.
But, like Harld Wilson, he only did so when he thought he was sure to win.

He miscalculated there.

Perhaps if the EU had been just a little more forthcoming, he would have been successful



Stephen Harness said...

Oh well, Boris resigns and tests the water for a leadership fight.
Cameron did grant a referendum because UKIP were rising in the polls and he had to negate that surge.
Prior to that all the treaties were the preserve of the MPs in the commons. The EU power grab could have been stopped.
Looks like A WTO Brexit.

Frank Westham said...

If you never disagreed with Farage over policy, then you are a ruddy fool and you are in no position to comment on proceedings now. Farage's policy was to fight tooth and nail against an EU referendum, even going so far as to sabotage the noble efforts of Nikki Sinclaire to get one. On that occasion his henchman was that halfwit David Lott. (As you have observed in this post, Farage always has to have a henchman because he is too gutless to do his own dirty work, but like all cowardly playground bullies he is very good at spotting other weaklings like Bannerman and Lott and then dominating them).

So if you are saying you never disagreed with Farage on policy then you are saying you never disagreed with his efforts to scupper an EU referendum, in which case you would be well advised simply to button your lip now.