Friday, 10 August 2018

The reasons islamics wear the burka

This is a great piece by Laura Perrin exposing the rubbish that is talked by chief plod Cressida Dick and many of the so called PC great and not so good.

One quote:

It is an important part of communication to be able to read people’s facial expressions. Some rely on lip reading for communicating – the burqa undermines all of this.

An outstanding Oxford psychologist, Michael Argyle worked for50 years on the importance of non-verbal communication. It a cornerstone of our society that these women are trying to destroy.


Niall Warry said...

In this debate I'm against a ban, except in banks, schools etc, as it would open up a complete can of worms that would never resolve the problem.

Take an example, albeit silly, What would happen to someone walking down the street with a sack over their head plus slit to see through or a black bin bag to keep the rain off? I can see cetain types challenging the ban every day.

The only solution is for the government to put ALL thier effort into breaking down segregation in schools so that Muslim children can compare our liberal life style with what they may be learning at thier homes. If the parents object they can always leave and move to a Muslim country.

Eric Edmond said...

Muslims don't want to integrate just like the EU does not want to negotiate. You have to see things as they are Major.

Niall Warry said...

Eric you are wrong on both counts.

As my idea would make the Muslim's children integrate and the EU most definately DOES want to negotiate but we are the one leaving their trading club after 45 years of integration. Have you read the EEA agreement or the EU's Notice to Stake Holders?

Stephen Harness said...

I do not claim to be an expert in the muslim religion. However it is obvious that they have different factions that hate each other and will not integrate within their own religion, yet alone with our majority non-believing UK population.
A few years ago I accepted an invitation from a Ahmadi group. It was an educational event intended to break down barriers. Their group traveled to attend as they were not a local muslim grouping. They were very friendly, food was good but, as a religious event, it was very dull.
The UK is becoming an atheist society, at best keeping one foot in the door just in case. I feel the establishment have aided this destruction as well as destroying the sanctity of marriage as the norm. Why would they want to integrate with a country of non- believers? Far better to take a leaf from the EU and establish rule with small steps over many years.
There is a serious debate to be had over face coverings. Sadly BJ has chosen to approach the subject as a child and possibly inhibited any serious discussion.