Friday, 12 October 2018

Barnier had UK quislings help to weaponise the NI border issue

Barnier had to have  help  from the remainer traitors inside our government to blow this NI border issue up to its current size. Its a trivial problem easily fixed with a modicum of political will. That will is absent on the EU side but how do they get away with it? The so called UK negotiators are taking a very soft line. The EU see this and like Oliver Twist come back each round and ask for more.

We cannot conduct any negotiations with the EU as our civil service negotiating teams are riddled and led by EU fanatic traitors who  see it as their duty to subvert and reverse the wishes of the British people expressed in the Referendum. Faced with this huge fifth column we could never succeed in any negotiation. Barnier would know our latest negotiating positions before T May. No  wonder he always appeared on the front foot.

The only way out for us is to call the whole pointless charade off and go for a no deal Brexit asap and leave on 29th. March Its not the best solution for us or the EU but given our political elite is so riven with EU sympathisers and useful idiots and the implacable imperial ambitions of the EU what choice do we have?


Anonymous said...

Well said. My thoughts precisely.

Niall Warry said...

Eric, we have decided to leave their club so it is for us to come up with a workable plan.

As to the NI border issue try and imagine you have a party boundary wall with your neighbour that is all legally agreed etc. Then imagine you want to ignore the agreement and encroach over the boundary with part of a garden shed.

Does the ONUS lie with you or your neighbour to sort this out?????

Eric Edmond said...

Nobody is talking about infringing onto Eire land. When you leave a club that is the end of your obligations to the club, legal financial, moral, everything.

Niall Warry said...

Eric, my party boundary was just an EXAMPLE and clearly not a perfect one but the point is we are party to agreements, both EU and the GFA, concerning the NI/Eire border and if we don't want to be regarded as a pariah state we need to follow the rules we have agreed.

Over Brexit you consistently suggest we act in a bullish way and disregard existing agreements.

I say again we are leaving the club, we spent 45 years helping to build, and yet you expect to be treated the same as those remaining which just ain't going to happen.

We need to leave all the EU's politics but should maintain our frictionless trade, on an interim basis, by joining Efta and staying in the EEA. As with ANY comprehensive trade agreement we will need to obey rules and regulations, pay costs and be subject to an adjudication process. But in the EEA the adjudication process is via the EEA court, we could control F of M under Article 112 and like Norway could set up trade agreements with other countries - plus we get to sit at the top table, and not be represented by an EU official, when world trade agreements are negotiated.

What is there NOT to like Eric???

Eric Edmond said...

I repeat my comments on one's obligations on leaving a club.

Europe is largely free because of NATO,a voluntary association of sovereign states which De Gaulle tried to sabotage in the 1960s.

The EU is a reincarnation of Napoleon's dictatorial Continental system plus the Corn Laws.

Try reading some history Major.

Edward Spalton said...

Dr Edmond,
I think most of us have read quite a bit of history on the various ideological roots which nourished the EU project and the common experience of mainland European powers in the last century which they did not wish to repeat. Some of us have even gone to original documents well back into the 19th century.

With regard to Ireland, the British independence movement's very good friend of half a century Professor Anthony Coughlan, deplores the present stance of the Irish government which, he thinks, has far more to gain from a positive relationship with the UK than with the EU. Ray Bassett, a former senior member of the Irish Foreign Ministry is of a similar opinion. In a very brief clip on RT, he appeared to be advocating the EEA/Efta route for Ireland. Irexit is, of course, a minority opinion in Ireland at present - around 10% has been quoted but I don't know how accurate that is. I hope to have further and better particulars shortly.

With regard to NATO, since 2016 Mrs May has surrendered a great deal of power to the EU defence project- which has largely gone under the parliamentary radar. It's mentioned in our next newsletter (coming shortly). Tony Blair also tied us in with the French with the St Malo agreement. At one time, it was mooted that the aircraft and pilots for our aircraft carriers might be French! Our navy does not really have sufficient ships to provide adequate escorts for two carriers and for its other tasks - but a few aircraft have now been delivered from the USA.
Mrs May has been desperate to trade military/security co-operation ( or rather absorption) with the EU project as a quid pro quo but we don't really know what the quo is yet. It is quite obvious that "Chequers" as it stands will be completely unacceptable to the EU - just as much as the ambition to "have our cake and eat it" or the still expressed belief that "we only have to keep our nerve and the EU is bound to cave in because they sell so much more to us than we do to them" . I heard both David Davis and Jacob Rees Mogg uttering this belief on different occasions and think they will prove to be mistaken.

Eric Edmond said...

Mr Spalton I just disagree with you and think DD & Mogg view will eventually prove to be correct. Its the Major who seems lacking in the history department.

Barnier does not want to do a decent deal with us so its best to walk away. Ask Yaris,he has been there.

Edward Spalton said...

I am not sure whether it is still the case but Varoufakis recommended ignoring Article 50 and an immediate transition to the EEA/Efta arrangement as a satisfactory platform for settlement of a final arrangement which, he said would take ( I think) 5 - 8 years.

Niall Warry said...

Eric, try sperating the political EU from the trading it would help your understanding of the situation and options so much better.

Stephen Harness said...

We are drifting to a 'no deal'. Arlene Foster will not support any suggestion of a hard border and with over 208 crossing points, a hard border in Ireland is impossible. T.May would have to bring home something quiet remarkable to win enough support to win votes in Westminster. So we drift towards a 'no deal' and a Corbyn government that will take us lock, stock and barrel back into the EU.
An Eea/Efta arrangement sounds much better to me than a Corbyn government.

Niall Warry said...

SH, The MOST likely outcome is a series of patch up deals as each crisis occurs.

Edward Spalton said...

Increasingly I have been saying to hard Brexiteer friends " I hope I am wrong, but........"
It was four years ago when I first saw the possibility of a botched Brexit leading to a future government crawling back to the EU. Then it was just a momentary nightmare but it seems to have come closer to reality.

When we held a day's workshop on the EFTA/EEA arrangements in 2014, a very forthright correspondent to the local paper pooh-poohed the whole thing, saying all that was necessary was to repeal th European Communities Act - an early hard Brexiteer ( although the term was not the in common use) . Fair enough except that I knew he was a keen Europhile! It then struck me that, if I were a real dyed in the wool Remainer, that would be the line I would hope the Leavers would take. Europhiles have always been expert at setting up straw men and knocking them down - but it would save them much effort, if they could persuade their opponents to do it for them.

He popped up again in 2016 and I included him in an article you can Google " Edward Spalton Europhiles for a Sovereign Parliament"
It was a seriously intended article but things then could still be light-hearted and I finished with some humorous excerpts from the press.
Now it all looks distinctly unfunny.

Stephen Harness said...

Will read Edward. David Cameron eliminated the Norway Option before the referendum was announced, possibly to improve the chances of Remain winning. Backfired obviously but we are backed into a corner with only one outcome. Possibly not true but the alternative leads to Corbyn.

Eric Edmond said...

I suggest the Major reads Paul Goodman's piece in Conservativehome

Niall Warry said...

Eric, you have at last revealed your problem which is that you read Conservativehome and obviously believe its content.