Saturday, 30 May 2009

Further Farage Favourite Porkies

One of Nigel's frequent assertions to our ill briefed media is that, "UKIP is the most democratic party in UK politics". He then goes on to cite how sitting MEPs get preference in other parties but not in UKIP. Tell it to the marines Mr F! Look at the resources UKIP MEPs can deploy to secure their re-selection compared to other activist member candidates. Who gets the media slots - the sitting MEPs. Who gets featured in Independence News - Farage and friends!

I was democratically elected on to UKIP NEC. I was kicked off by Farage's NEC cabal. They claimed what they did was within the rules. Now where have we heard that recently? Like the corrupt MPs UKIP NEC have no moral standards and do not know right from wrong. I can remember Ken Livingstone disagreeing vehemently with the Labour leadership in the 80s and 90s. Was he kicked out? No! Was Enoch Powell kicked out of the Tory party for disagreeing with Heath . No he was not! He eventually left the Tories but of his own choice.

I was democratically elected on to the South West MEP list. I was then deselected by the Farage NEC cabal. The reason they gave was they were acting within the rules. The same reason as given by the corrupt MPs Farage is so vociferoous in condeming. No other party ignores democracy as UKIP does under Farage. UKIP under Farage is a Fascist party that is worse than the EU in ignoring its members democratic will and follows the Dr Goebel's big lie school of propaganda.

What other party allows its members to be expelled at the whim of an unelected chairman? None! Does any one believe such an undemocratic party can free us from the EU? UKIP's ordinary decent members must take back their party from Farage's self serving cabal before it is to late. UKIP is currently part of the chains keeping us in the EU and not part of the fight for our freedom. UKIP with the tacit support of the British media establishment blocks those who genuinely want to free our country from EU rule by denying the real freedom fighters the chance to put their case to the British public in the national media. UKIP can never help free us from EU rule until its current leadership is ejected lock stock and barrel. They have gone native in the bars of Brussels and are controlled by their EU paymasters and the LibLabCon pro EU Establishment.


Greg L-W. said...


Interestingly Cameron has NOT cautioned, suspended or dumped Lord Tebbit despite the fact that he has spoken out on the radio advocating that people should vote for any party OTHER than the 2.1/2 main parties - he also wrote in his column that people should vote for smaller parties.

However Stuart Wheeler was chucked out of the Tory Party and he advocated people vote for the Tories in the local elections AND for the Tories in the General Election but for EUkip oin the EU elections.

Stuart Wheeler was dumped at high speed for his display of loyalty to The Tories!

Either this was a put up job to give publicity to EUkip structured by Cameron to take votes from TheBNP, whilst not causing the Tories anything more than a safety valve for their members who wish to leave the EU.

Alternately Cameron was piqued at the loss of cash when due to his incompetent leadership has seen the Tories cash strapped leading into a Challenging election where the Tories have absolutely no intention of representing the wishes of their supporters or the best interests of Britain.

Cameron made a fine speech about holding a referendum on Tuesday but by Wednesday the small print showed beyond doubt that it was 'same old, same old' - yes he would have a referendum IF the New Constitution Lisbon Treaty had not been passed in The EU.

So all is clear - The Tories want to be directly ruled by the centralised communist style undemocratic EU committee dictatorship.

As for his promises to publish accounts - BIG DEAL the new EU law dictates exactly how accounts will be published so Cameron & Farage are one on this issue - they will publish their accounts - well the bare essentials required by the EU.

Do of course bear in mind that The Tories and the pro EU Ind.Dem.Group Farage chairs both voted AGAINST greater transparency of accounts!

On the 4th. DON't waste your vote on a Politician DON'T Spoil your vote by giving these petty crooks and liars a mandate.

Write on your Ballot:

Greg L-W.

John Smith said...

'I was then deselected by the Farage NEC cabal'
What was the reason given?