Monday, 1 June 2009

More Farage Media Porkies

Nigel Farage gets away with making up fiction after fiction which is swallowed unquestioningly by our supine and idle media. Well I guess it takes hard work to check facts. Why spoil a good lunch which I believe NF recently bought Peter Odone of the Daily Mail.

On Sunday I read a piece by one Melissa Kite in the Sunday Telegraph retelling the story of how Nigel's November NEC was stormed by a BNP delegation whom Nigel single handedly repelled and what a good media performer Marta Andreasen was . I emailed Ms Kite on Sunday, copy to her editor, pointing out there never was a BNP delegation at that meeting, indeed only UKIP members. How do I know? Well I was there and come to think of it I have never met any BNP members or sympathisers in UKIP ever so the next time NF trots out this story just ask him who these people are. I would like to know. He won't be able to tell you because they probably don't exist like all of Farage's bogey men.

Returning to Ms Kite I include below the email I sent to her, her boss and the Sunday Telegraph editor.

Dear Ms Kite,
Your piece above is incorrect in its description of the BNP storming the UKIP NEC meeting of 3rd Nov 2008. It is sad to see such lies being retold in your paper. I was at that meeting as an elected member of UKIP NEC. I knew everyone at the meeting. No members of the BNP were present, I checked on their leaked membership list.No storming of the meeting took place by the BNP or anybody else. There was no delegtion for Mr Farage to "tell to leave". This is a pure fiction made up by Mr Farage, one of many I might add.
I have put my full recollections of the meeting on my blog below and if you contact me I will give you the contact numbers of three other people present at that meeting who will vouch for the truth of my account. These are David Abbott, a hospital doctor, Martin Haslam, a senior partner in an Accountancy practice and Del Young an East Midlands businessman.
I hope you will publish a correction and learn not to accept the uncorroborated word of duplicitous politicians.
More subjectively your assertion that Ms Andreasen is 'an effective media performer' is open to question. Compare her bumbling performance on Question Time on Thursday 21st May with that of P Y Gerbeau a week later on the 28th May. Andreasen gave her game away by calling the audience 'you' while PY identifies with the UK and spoke to the audience using 'we' and 'us'.
I would also point out that Ms Andreasen's candidacy applications was invalid under UKIP rules on 5 or 6 counts. She does not even live in the UK and her UK address provided to the Electoral Commission may only be a temporary accommodation one. You could try asking her what her views are on the sovereignty of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands. I and the voters would like to know her answers before Thursday.
Eric Edmond

David Abbott wrote a similar email:

Dear Ms Kite

You seem to have been too easily taken in by Nigel Farage.

Your colleague, Neil Tweedie, published similar nonsense last Saturday.

The only statement in that article that was not open to question was from Tim Congdon: 'Ask Nigel Farage how much time he spends in Brussels as opposed to here. UKIP has ceased to be about getting the British people out of the EU, its about getting a number of individuals into the European Parliament'

Those who have seen him in action will know that has a great gift for telling convincing lies, especially if it advances his main objective, to stay on the EU Gravy train for another 5 years, with all the unaccountable expenses, free mud baths and pension rights that go with being an MEP.

I was at the meeting when he alleges the BNP stormed in. Nonsense. Only members of the UKIP NEC were present, together with UKIP's Argentinian treasurer, the deputy treasurer and one other invited guest. All present were UKIP members. No BNP members were present.

Voters who want to vote for a withdrawalist party have several other parties to choose from.

You are welcome to ring me on 07887.500572 for further details.

David F Abbott MRCP

Ms Kite nor anybody at the Telegraph bothered to reply. A major national paper is content not to correct demonstrable lies 4 days before a crucial election. Why?

The Telegraph are not alone in retelling Mr Farage's propaganda, today a similar uncritical piece on Mr Farage appeared in the Independent. The quote below gives the flavour of the piece by Andy McSmith,

But this energetic, extroverted man has gone a long way towards clearing out the racism and nastiness that lurked on the fingers of UKIP, when The Independent appropriately described its members as "the BNP in blazers".

Well who were these racists? Who were these men or women in blazers? What evidence did Mr Farage have of their views? I have only heard the phrase BNP in blazers once before and it came from long time Farage supporter Malcolm Wood.

At the start of my first NEC meeting in April 08 I had the temerity to ask Mr Farage what evidence he had to support a tirade he had just delivered against a UKIP branch demanding its suspension. I was then subjected to a tidal wave of abuse from Denny, Duffy etc for not simply accepting the word of the great leader. Well I asked for evidence and continued to ask for evidence but it seems our journalists don't. I conclude that in the area of political journalism shoddy standards are commonly accepted on our national dailies but why is Farage being given such an easy time by our media?

Finally I switched on the Andrew Neil, Daily Politics show today to find, Yes, N Farage as guest. Even Mr Neil remarked how often NF had been on and was NF still after a job on the show as he had mentioned on his previous appearance 4 weeks earlier. Neil easily trapped Farage on the £2 million expenses he claimed he used to finance UKIP but then he gave NF an easy ride. Thank goodness there was also a Labour MP and a No2EU left winger who rightly gave NF a harder time than Andrew Neil.

So what is going on? Clearly the media see building up Farage as the antidote to the BNP. You only have to talk to Farage for 2 minutes to know what he is. The media are not stupid but they and the LibLabCon establishment are clearly are running scared of the BNP. As always the media will build Farage up so as to knock him down later. They have plenty of material to do this with but so far they have not used it. The Labour party however has some very damaging material on UKIP and they are getting desperate so it may be like today's Daily Politics the comrades will be the ones to put the boot in to burst NF's bubble.


Greg L-W. said...


Thanks for this article - I had missed Melissa Kite's article - can you supply a URL for it?

I hope you agree yours and Dr. Abbott's factual rebuttal of Farage's lies required wider coverage and so I hope you will find my having posted it WITH LINKS ;-) at:
is OK - it may also lead to people reading more of the proven facts substantiated with corroboraterd evidence and links.

Greg L-W.

Eric Edmond said...

The link below is the closest I can find. It was written on 30th May by Ms Kite but the Sunday Telgraph article of 31st May I used is slightly different - may have been edited again

I cant get this to clich thru so you will have to put it into your browser by copy and paste.