Monday, 11 February 2013

Will Marta be traded in for a younger British model?

That is my interpretation of the announcement from UKIP that their Eastleigh by-election candidate will be Diane Martine James currently the one Independent councillor on the otherwise Tory dominated Waverley Borough Concil. She seems to have been a member of UKIP for around 3 years. For those members of UKIP and Eastleigh voters who may wish to contact her to ascertain her views on topics of electoral interest I give her contact details as on the Waverley borough web site

Contact Details

Holmbury Road
Tel: 01483 274799
She is a very presentable lady as her picture shows:
I have great admiration for anyone like Ms James who succeeds in being elected as an Independent in a fptp election and she looks a good candidate who will know how to campaign. She is not a local and will be at a disadvantage in that respect to the Tory and the LibDem

I would like to know more about her business, health care background as I am sure will her opponents in Eastleigh. Does she have children etc?

I am concerned about how she was selected. UKIP members who will be expected to work on this lady's campaign are entitled to know who chose her.  I feel sorry for Ray 'Skeptyk' Finch who stood last time for UKIP but as a true Farage loyalist I am sure he will do the right thing and tweet Nigel knows best.

I expect to see this lady replace Marta as Nigel's number 2 candidate in the 2014 European election, South East region. I hope Nigel is well insured.

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Greg_L-W. said...


you may find the additional facts regarding Mrs James of some interest see:

The Mrs. is her own apparent styling in the company of which she is a director with John Forrest her apparent cohabitee.

It is interesting to note her racist generalisation describing Romanians as criminals and the citing examples from the 2.1/2% Romanian Roma minority as her prescedence not only led to her appologising for her all too UKIP styled sloppy generalisation and its overt racism.

However you will note The Romanian Ambassador has taken exception & The Times gives coverage to this 'extremism'.

Unsurprisingly the waters have been muddied by UKIP thus failing to get across the only message of relevance that they have 'Leave-The-EU'. They have failed to educate themselves, let alone the electorate in any real terms!


Eric Edmond said...

Thx Greg,

I was glad to hear you are now in remission from your cancer.

Ms James is there to rebut Marta's feminist allegations against Mr Farage. Mr Finch is not my cup of tea but he should have been allowed to fight the seat again. I daresay Tory central office is not wild about Maria but they did the right thing by keeping the local candidate.

yours aye