Sunday, 12 May 2013

Lawson, Healey & Lamont say leave the EU

It is quite staggering that 3 former chancellors have publically come out against UK continued membership of the EU. Healey is now 95 should have been Labour leader and PM in the mid seventies after Wilson retired but like David Milliband he was defeated by a lesser man Callaghan who grovelled to the unions. He was famous as the chancellor who turned round at Heathrow because of a sterling crisis. Sunday morning and Michael Forsyth, former Tory Scottish secretary has come out against membership of the EU. He and Lamont are not premier league but Lawson, Healey and Portillo are very much champions league performers.

Booker this morning in the Telegraph urges using Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to firm up the arguments but of course the 1972 European Act will have to be repealed.  There is clearly a strong wish amongst the British people to leave the EU and negotiate our own trade deals with Europe and the wider world from outside the EU and designed in the interests of Britain. Our problem is to get a fair referendum on leaving the EU put to the British people something the political elite of all parties bitterly oppose.. Why?

The reason is the EU provides a huge financial gravy train for the political elite to line their pockets. It gives a world platform for this largely self appointed and self perpetuating elite to strut and preen their huge egos which go with their limited inteligence and massive greed.

Look at the Kinnocks, an EU happy family. Mr Kinnock, aka the Welsh Windbag, Mrs Kinnock and Master Kinnock have all had huge amounts of EU money over the years. What talent or training does Mrs Frtumpy have to be head of the EU Fororeign Office with a salary three times he Briitish PM.

EU massaging of the political elite egos and bank balances starts with lavishly subsidised school trips to Brussels and Strasbourg and paid internships for the well connected jeunesse doree like Pinnochio Clegg who was found a nice little job in EU commissioner Leon Brittan's office to ease his way into the euro political elite. Huhne was another who enjoyed EU munificence at an early age. They and many others saw which side their bread was buttered on and also that the views of the electorate were irrelevant to the Euro ruling class.

This was clearly shown in an interview Andrew Neil did with a French MEP whose constituency she claimed includes London. (How?) She was quite clear this was a matter for Britain's political leaders to sort out. That says exactly why we should not be in the EU and never should have joined the EEC. I was working for the Civil Service in 72/73 and it was clear then that our culture and system was incompatible with the European dirigiste regimes. The economic argument was used as a smokescreen to cover the federalist intentions of our political elite, Woy, Teddy, Shirl etc. It is now clearto Joe Public this was a massive con. The economic future of this country lies with the Commonwealth, and the other BRICs.

I have written this over two days so I update from the Sunday papers and TV.  Twinkletoes Cable in the Telegraph in furtherance of his leadership ambitions takes as Eurosceptic position as I have ever seen a senior LibDem espouse in public but of course the greatest contribution came fro Michael Gove, a cabinet minister, who said on the BBC Marr lite  show that if there were a referendum on our EU membership tomorrow he would vote for us to leave! He added his preferred option would be the Dave renegotiation but he obviously thinks that day will never see a dawn.

Cleeg's duplicitous nature is documented in a Daily Mail piece by the irrepressible Quentin Letts. Click to read

We are winning the argument to leave the EU. Now we will find out if Farage is up to winning the war.


Mr Bock said...

of course you say that, but i do remeber before we were in the EU, not everybody had a governemt civil service job, prior to the EU people did not have such a good life i know of many people in the 60's who did not even have a bath, whilst i accept lose in government have a had baths and hot water, this did not apply to the people who worked and payed for it. As for potilio, I see he's still researching the death penalty, no doubt the Tories would use that on anyone who does not vote C this I'm sure, of course many people have had to at least try and reply on the ECHR particularly where British justice is so bad, and the police and court system is so full of Nepatisim and organised crime, as the old guard of the CIA used to say, if we want anyone killed we just get the British to do it, was he joking on that TV show? Of course what people don't want is to come out of the EU to find they will live on a total dictatorship of lawless delusions tory human rights violators, i fare this si what will be the senairio, a free for all in crime in government and the CC, this is what would unfold in reality, we can't state employees on trial for muder as it is, yest alone a conviction, one can imagine what it would be like if we left the EU, they would have a free reign on everything, what we don't want is demented Judges and police Coroners, stealing tens of thousands in legal aid and telling people who have been framed by the police being told their second class citizens, of some inbred pratt in robes, inbred to the point of stupidity calling everyone criminals, we only have the ECHR to address the problem, the judges get more nutty the higher up the ladder you go, I think once we leave the EU,we will see a similar system replace it in England in anyevent, the government will help themselves to money with even less regulation, anyway, the EU has not done them bad police millions, look how many are buying US campers at 70 grand a time, two houses, 2 or three cars, £500,000 bank accounts in the justice system, they won't give that up EU, or no EU, the 3 million means nothing, by the time Cleg does something there will be another 3 million immigrants anyway, either born or entering the country, look how many are still comming every week, I think anyway, remembering portilo there were many who argued he should have been booted out of politics past tense, if the people had been able to decide his political future as in a democracy he would not be part of the equation anyway. In any event now being totally dependant on EU engineering how are you going to fill the hole with no brains and people who can't speak english.

Retired IG tory aorta. said...

I'm retired now just reached my 70yj birthday, many of us remember Portilio he's been in politics for a long time, i wan one who held the veiw he should not have been allowed to continue in politics, like many tories, remember the Privy Council and the warning they gave out the public never got to hear about, there are some old soldiers who still hold the veiw may tories should have been in clink, i don't know the full crux of their arguments, but they recoomend long stretches that for sure, they seem to know what they are talking about.

Mrs Sticky Toffee said...

O come on will you, Dr Edmund, the
british public authorities are as bad as the EU, just look at the car
parks in some of the prisons or mental health institutions, people with not even a CSE, NVQ level 10
turning up for work in Jags, Range rovers that do 11 to the gallon, They are not having it that bad, just look at their passports and holiday's, you pay you're police and govenment to much, how many people do you know in the real world of work that can afford £15,000 worth of holidays a year, those in lower govenment or the police have no problem, as a lottery winner said the other day,
I wasted my time winning the lottery and paying a pound, I should have got myself a job in lowere government and saved myself a long walk to the newsagent.

IS said...

Of course you're right Mrs Sticky Toffee, waht the about the goings on in chlose Smiths ward, no wonder she refuses to make any reply and is suspending the right of her advice surgery to certain people in the community, what about all these sinister cops going round solo in her ward, investigating serious drugs crime, muder and IRA cases, you trying to tell me one cop on his own investigatind serious crime would not take a bung, as a wise man said test the peeler, question would you take a £5,000 bribe, I bet he will reply something along these lines, Umm,Well Money is alway's handy. Inst that right Chloe.Those boy's at the Sprowston Sub sataion and the inspectors seem to be doing a lost of solo lately I wonder why the IPCC and chloe make no reply.

PSD department. said...

Where police conduct solo invstigations these are conducted under the terms of the official secrets acts, the investigations you refer to PC Kither Lambert, and
Sergent Scott, sprowston sub station and provate house were conducted under such proceedures as recorded and outlined in the suspects files, where a solo officer recover evidence or DNA for
the pupose of investigation, this is destroyed under our required proceeddures, where a files is refered to Mr cartwright, Ball or
Chlose Smith, and a suspect has no
case to answer, or experienced team
at the PSD whymondham are profeesional and experienced in the
formatting and deletion of computor data, in such cases suspects files are deleted from our systems, DNA evidence is destroyed, suspects however do keep
the files and taped evidence and rference numbers as their right in
law, we have numerous terror allegations going on in Norwich
North, we comply with proceedures.
We take advice from judges and coroners at the norwich court and
both agree our proceedures on the basis of that evidence and advice
from lawyers like Mr Nichols and
other areas of our local pool of resources.

CS said...


Little Miss Teas Up. said...

Dr Edmund I have just been on the
phone to janet who works in the canteen at Norfolk County Council,
you have got them it's been chaos
and pandamonium, they are unbale to get anything through,think she said the leader has been voted, she
know all those people well, it's
shocking the way those social services catchment appointments are
being managed, that poor tory council THOSE ACCOUNTS THOSE ACCOUNTS. you've got them Ukip, no
longer clowns now you are you. Tories are certainly not laughing boy now............................they have lost complete control over the decisons making machinery of
the lagest council in the erea.

The Manger said...

I can see exactly why you are Miss
tea's up, you're spelling certainly not post oxford graduate is it; are you one
of these people employeed there who
carriers the contract title of "Tea
Making Technical Support officer" no doubt another NVQ level 7 to 10,
be carefull Tea's up you know the
terms of you're employment contract
and vow to secrecy, rembemr the freemasons oaf, if you can read it,
there's a job promotion on offer in
the office, the only criteron is that you be able spell "Elephant"
no doubt we'll see you filling in the application for in about ten years.Send the table and tray collecting deputy higiene support
technical wast disposal rag sterilization support officer to
up to my office.

Mr peacock said...

I was reading some your web pages,
It's great to see an uncensored web
site, unlike the tory and liberal
ones who block articles that expose
the truth. I was reading some of the comments about freemasons, particulary in relation to their influence over democracy, I have read many articles of late on the
subject, I never would have believed it was so big in government, as you know you have recently taken control of Norfolk
which probably has more freemasons
in local government and the Police
than anywhere in the country, of
course it's clear many of you in
Ukip seem to comdeme these pratices
in public office, your recent election results have effectively
paralised the councils, with NOC,
what does this mean for the power
bases of the freemasons in Norfolk
I wonder, a friend of mine who works on the council made a funny
comment last night, thank go we have a sense of humour, he said quote, perhaps now Ukip are on the
scene "Those Apron Boy's will turn
into Nappy Boy's" god I laughed at
the thought of judge wearing a babies nappy, what fun.

UG Psy. Dlp said...

It's not funny, some grown men do
this and pay hundreds of pounds for
service in the sex industry, who they call "Mummies" there was an
interesting documentary and case
study on TV some years ago, you may
may remember it, it appears to be
a form of regression, clients appear to be wealthly gentlement in
some cases, personally I can from
a psychologists point of veiw undertsand why people ware nappies
and shake rattles and get mummy to give them a dummy and go Ga..Ga..
Ga.... Ga....Boo...Boo... as any
shrink nows some stuff in medical
records can be explaned by science,
there is no doubt, these are mearly
stress mechanisims for coping with
our daily world.

Mr Tipster said...

Good point, something you new Ukip
boy's ahve got to watch out for, the way the medical records are being illegally abused in the county, if these tories don't like you, they'll dig up all the shit they can, you knid find out anything here about anyone with these social services and GP receptionists, you know the sort of
thing, I even found out the GP's were gay, who's been in clink, who's had an underage abortion, the
stuff they hold in these records is
beyond belief, of course many of these people have never been charged, these peado's all sorts even working in government, you should go out drinking in some of these NHS pub haunts once they get
pissed the world is your oyster, I
was horrified to find out the female GP was a You Know from the
reception staffs conversations. Ukip you have been warned this is

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