Thursday, 5 June 2014

Farage ignores Newark by-election for nice warm Malta

Whilst the UKIP foot soldiers work their socks off in cold, wet Newark Nigel is off on a nice little earner for 3 days in Malta. Faragistas please click on link below to read how hard your leader is working to get UKIP's first MP.

Cameron has issued a three line whip to his entire cabinet and party to get out and ensure they retain Newark. He knows how crucial this by-election is that he has been ther fout times himself and he is the PM!

I and others like Major Waryy have often been villified for pointing out how Farage does not do the hard graft of politics. Give him a nice warm TV studio with a well stocked green  room any time than knocking on voters doors during crucial elections.

His behaviour over the last three days shows exactly why he will never lead our country out of the EU. He is only interested in himself, his bank account and the company of women who are not his wife.

He preaches disscipline for others in UKIP but of course these rules are for others not Nigel. This is the way the EU elite carry on and that is why I have always called his party EUKIP. I remember explaining this to the late Malcolm Wood who orchestrated my removal from my elected positions.

The media will soon turn on Farage and see him for what he is. The pity is his fall will be UKIP's fall and will devaste the many decent, honest hardworking Brits who supported and voted for him. I have been a voice crying in the wilderness but surely now voters will see Farage is unsupportable and should be got rid off asap.

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