Thursday, 5 June 2014

UKIP's new MEP hypocrites

First look at Nathan Gill, click on

I reproduce the headline,

Ukip MEP admits he employed 'dozens' of migrant workers

Mr Gill is following in UKIP's hypocrites tradition. You don't have to be a hypocrite to become a UKIP MEP cadidate but it won't harm your canditature if you are one!

Then we have Amjad Bashir another whose firm employs illegal immgrants as reported in the Guardian click to read

Then there is second term MEP William Legge, son of she who was called acid Raine by the late Princess Diana and grandson of Barbara Cartland writer of many romantic trash novels. He has been closely associated with applications to build windfarms on land he recently owned. He may stil have a beneficial interest although the situation has been confused by lawyers and property transfers. Click on links below to read the full accounts

The link to an off shore company Rosscroft is also worrying.

Professor Tim Congdon was forced to stand down as a Ukip parliamentary candidate after it emerged that he had signed wind-farm deals on his Scottish estates. Congdon however remains as a UKIP economics guru and spokesman.

Read this link to realise the amount of obfuscation produced by William Legge/ Earl Dartmouth

Even the Telegraph the aristos favourite rag has questioned this

Legge's name was on the paperwork applying for planning permission for this windfarm!

UKIP policy is of course to oppose land based wind farm construction but UKIP MEPs as a class have always been money motivated from the top down. Ater all thats why politicians are in politics to get their snouts in the trough.

That's enough for now but a roughly 14% UKIP MEP hypocrite content for starters is worrying. Of one thing I am certain, there are many more hypocrites lurking in Farage's new model professional MEP army.

PS try this link for what another of Farage's ex-Tories really thinks


Anonymous said...

Is it legal to refuse to employ a migrant worker? I would guess not.
Are people suggesting that UKIP MEPs should break the law?

Bill Chapman said...

No, of course not. A UKIP supporter should not have been encouraging workers to travel to Britain and providing them with six-beds-to-a-room bunkhouse accommodation. His behaviour runs directly contrary to his stated beliefs. A lot of people are aggrieved because Gill portrayed himself as a non-political outsider. It turns out that he has worked for four years as PA to his predecessor. He forgot to tell us he was a mormon too.

Nathan Gill should resign. If he does not go, then Nigel Farage should expel him from the party.