Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Diane James must front up UKIP's General Election campaign.

Mrs James is now UKIP's biggest electoral asset. Many people like her and more important few dislike her. The LibDems made their big break through under Charlie Kennedyin 2005. Living so close to Paddy I know how the LibDem establishment disliked Charlie but the great British public, men and women liked him and in 2005 he got more seats than Cleggy without the TV leaders debate exposure Cleggy was given in the TV leaders debate.

The UKIP faithful most of whom have never met or tried to work with him, may love Farage but the public like Mrs James. Its the same mistake Labour are making. With Alan Johnston as leader Cameron and Clegg are toast. People like Alan Johnston. Milliband is just plain unlikeable and this will be people's perception of Farage at the end of the election campaign. He is not an attractive person to women and will increasingly be perceived as rentaqote man with a glib answer to everything but answers that falls apart under pressure.

Farage's favourite trick of disowning other UKIP spokesmen is even now starting to wear a bit thin with the public. It also must be annoying the hell out of O'Flynn and Mrs James. Farage is past his sell by date. His past statements are catching up on him and the more he talks on camera the worse this problem will get for UKIP. But who is going to tell him to shut up?

If it were the Tory party the men in grey suits would right now be tapping Nigel on the shoulder and talking about the greater good of the party trumping his personal ambitions. That is the trouble with leader personality cults. Nobody dare say the emperor now has no clothes.

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