Thursday, 30 October 2014

Labour's Scottish Nightmare see PS

The latest IpsosMori poll is shattering not only for Labour, down to 4 Scottish seats, but for all the Westminster parties. The Tories unsurprisingly will lose their one and only Scottish MP and the sordid LibDems all but one. They are expected to hang on to Jo Grimond's old seat of Orkney & Shetland!

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This is what the London political elite richly deserve. I am paricularly glad that the LibDems are to be virtually wiped out as they sabotaged using a sordid Westminster trick the Bill that would have given us an in/out EU referendum right now. They seem to think its business as usual and they can go on fiddling our democracy for their own advantage.

They have not learned from the cruel deception they perpretuated on student fees nor from their party self interest sabotage of patently democratic Westminster boundary changes to remove some of the most glaring inequalities in constituency size which hands Labour an unfair number of MPs for their share of the vote.

All that has been delivered is a huge number of knighthoods and peerages for some mediocre useless immoral LibDem politicians whom the country would be well rid off and an AV referendum nobody wanted. They sem to think that the electorate will forget all their expenses corruption but the Scottish Referendum has changed all that. Labour down to 4 Scottish seats would have been unbelievable pre referendum. I would love to be at Scottish Labour's gala dinner tonight with Milliband. I would go as Banquo Blair's ghost.

Even if the SNP numbers come back a bit to say 40 MPs if you add to that the Ulster and Welsh MPs  it would give a block of 55 non LibLabCon MPs. If UKIP manage to get 5 MPs then Cameron or Milliband will have to form a coalition.

But what of the LibDems in England? I doubt if there will be more than 15 of them post May 2015. It is a proven fact that any country with the word democratic in its name is a nasty dictatorship. Its the same with the LibDems with the dictator being the BBC/Guardian liberal elite.

At last thanks to Scotland I see hope for our country to become a real democracy run by the people for the people!

PS 31 Oct

A second poll by YouGov published late on 30 th Oct makes slightly better reading for Labour but is still disastrous

Times / YouGov Scotland gen elec poll
SNP: 43% (47 seats)
Labour: 27% (10 seats)
C: 15% (1 seat)
LD: 4% (1 seat)

The mesage is the same. We don't want the Westminster political elite in Scotland


L fairfax said...

It shows how bad our voting system is, if the Tories could get more votes than the Lib Dems in Scotland and not get an MP!

Eric Edmond said...

Indeed it does!

Mike Bridgeman said...

Nice piece Eric.
Thank goodness for UKIP and the Daily Express.