Saturday, 9 May 2015

Farage loses 7th straight Westminster Electiom

I wrote many times in the run up to this election that Farage would not win in Thanet  - he lost by 2800 votes. Farage has a track record of expensive,  to UKIP not Nigel, failure in Westminster elections. He is far too abrasive, with a  booze and fags image that women don't like. He is thus unsuited to be a PPC . On the other hand Diane James is polite, fragrant, nice looking pleasant, inoffensive and unthreatening - an ideal PPC. That is why she got closer to winning in Eastleigh than the ezpensively supported and well publicised Farage did at Thanet.  Why was she not asked to stand again in Eastleigh? Another triumph of Crowther lead UKIP incompetence?.

The man who defeated Farage at Thanet was , one Craig MacKinlay a founder member of UKIP and contemporary of Farage. Click link below to read about him

and here he is

Clearly there was some friction between McKinlay and Farage as happens with anyone of talent so in 2004 Ashley Mote was elected as UKIP MEP for the South East and was soon after convicted of benefit fraud. In 2005 MacKinlay joined the Tories. In 2009 Farage componded his folly by getting Andreasen in as no 2 on the SE MEP list. Andreasen was not qualifued to be a UKIP candidate but Nigel and his sycophant Gill waived the UKIP MEP candidate selection rules and subsequently. Andreasen of course fell out with Farage and along with Bannerman joined the Tories. It is a recurrent theme with his latest SE pick La Atkinson also now in bad odour.

However on 7th May 2015 it was pay back time with MacKinlay taking the MP slot leaving Farage looking an idiot. He who laughs last laughs longest. and there will be other pay back days for Nigel. He now is at a tipping point. He has made more enemies than he has friends.

UKIP's problem is that since kicking  Del, me and others off the NEC and out of UKIP who is left to stand up to Farage? There is  no one left on the NEC who dare tell Farage the truth about hinself. They all want places on the EU gravy train which is in Farage's gift. Farage understands that and promotes  people that are money motivated like himself.

In European elections people vote for a party not a candidate so Farage can hide behind the UKIP label. In Westminster elections there is nothing for hide behind. People can see him for what he is.

His attempt to wriggle out of his silly commitment to resign as leader within 10 mins of his defeat was pathetic and stupid. Click below to see and hear his drivel

He reminds me of Arnie Schwarzenegger, "I 'll be back"

He still treats UKIP as his personal property and is trying to put in Suzanne Evans to keep his seat warm just as he did with Pearson in 2010. Evans has only been in UKIP two years and owes her position entirely to Farage's patronage. Farage obviously will still be calling the shots and is confident he can control Evans. Diane James is far more able but has been left out in the cold as she is her own woman.

You can read Evans statement on the UKIP web site:

Published May 08, 2015
WkQugaNu.jpegUKIP Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans: "I am disappointed and sad that Nigel wasn’t elected as the MP for Thanet South. After all his hard work and his success in pushing the party from 3% to near 12% in five years. From 950,000 votes to 3.million votes and to 118 second places across the country. And in Douglas Carswell one of the most diligent and inspirational politicians to be elected to the House of Commons in recent years.
"I am of course honoured that Nigel has proposed me as interim leader of the party, whose hard working activists and supporters have propelled us so far.
"However the position is not mine to accept but must go to the National Executive Committee. They will meet in the coming days to decide who the party wants to act in the role of Interim Leader until such time as we organiser a democratic vote of the party to decide an new Leader in due course."
At least she defers to the UKIP NEC but does she not know UKIP already has a deputy leader, Paul Nuttall! Farage is still treating UKIP as his personal property. It is not but who on the NEC will stand up and tell him? Neil Hamilton  looks the most likely to me and possibly Alan Bown. Most of the other members are Farage placemen.

Farage is finished as UKIP leader. He should do as Clegg & Milliband have done resigned with no come back clause and make way for a younger man or woman. UKIP members deserve at least that.There were rumours about Farage's health during the campaign and he does not look a well man to me. He has a very unhealthy life style. I have no doubt however he will try and retain control of UKIP.

UKIP will now become increasingly irrelevant in our struggle to leave the EU. It exists only to funnel EU money into the UKIP cabal's bank accounts. I ask was it ever relevant at all to our struggle for freedom?


Henry IX said...

Hey wey Derick Deadmond! For once you're actually reasonably on-the-money with your analysis... but hope you aren't too sad that Farage lost and now back on the EU gravy train - you were desperate for him to win?!!

You also clearly have real thing for Diane James!! I agree that she should certainly be at the top table but not leader - she is too plain, as you would expect from someone who is from the world of corporate healthcare where what you don't say is more relevant than what you do. However, what you don;t seem to be aware of is that she stood down as a PPC to care for a sick family relative. To suddenly say everything is now fine and go for the leadership would look odd/disloyal/opportunist etc. Carswell has to be leader, especially being the only MP; if anyone else would say O'Flynn as he understands the business well given his background!

Henry IX said...

P.S. Hamilton is the ultimate Farage placeman - nasty failed Tory desperately hoping for one last job in Brussels! Come on, think, you're as bad as Major Spambot!

Eric Edmond said...


Thx for conceding I was right.

I am always suspicious of tales of politicians looking after sick relatives or spending more time with their family. Ms James was selected as UKIP candidate for NW Hampshire from which she subsequently stood down but why was she not selected for Eastleigh.

The great result for UKIP was geting almost 4 million votes. Now that is a real achievement but little to do with Farage.

Hamilton did not get a high spot on the UKIP MEP slate. He was clearly disappointed. He is not the only nasty failed Tory in UKIP past or present, Farage has put in many of them to important spots ib UKIP and got rid of genuine UKIPers

The Double Event said...

In forty years following British politics, I have never seen a more weasily, cowardly and hypocritical performance than that given by Farage in the minutes after he was officially declared by the South Thanet Returning Officer to be the loser that many of us have long known him to be.

Such behaviour was nothing new coming from the pathetic little tosspot, but what he forgot was that this time the whole of the country was watching him.

First of all, we had his silly little display of childishness on the declaration rostrum, with all the emotional "never felt happier" nonsense (yeah yeah, Nige, pull the other one - you were clearly upset as hell, which was only natural and you would have earned more respect simply admitting it) followed by his abrupt and bizarre march exit stage left, without the usual courtesy of staying to listen to the other losing candidates' speeches. A typically charmless and graceless performance which, as I say, was all-too-familiar to long-term Farage-watchers but this time many more people were witnessing the petulance.

Then, of course, came "The Big Announcement". Again, long-term Farage-watchers could have guessed what was coming as soon as he opened proceedings with the old "Would I lie to you, missus?" market spiv routine, to which the only possible response invariably is "yes you damned well would". In the stream of disingenuous drivel he must have vomited out phrases such as "I'm a man of my word" and "unlike other polticians, you can trust me" three or four times before he got round to the point. A rich source of study for Freudians everywhere.

And so, we finally got to the pledge of "A Man Of His Word". He was resigning, oh yes - except that, in Farage-land, "to keep my word to resign" means "to take the summer off before reserving the right to continue my longstanding practice of using my party's leadership as a personal plaything to drop and resume at will, and then to conveniently forget the "word" that I'd made such a song and dance about after all.... oh, and in the meantime, to bounce my latest little puppet, Suzanne Evans, into the interim leadership without any due process, so that she can keep the seat warm for me and, more importantly, make things more difficult for a genuine alternative leader to emerge as a threat to me."

What a dishonest tosser.

Oh, and let's not forget that we were also treated during this sad spectacle to Farage's childish "blame anyone and anything but myself" wailing and whingeing for his abject failure. Whatever the rights and wrongs of first past the post, there wasn't a single word from Farage shouldering any responsibility whatsoever as leader. Classy, Nigel.

Within minutes of this wretched display, it was put in sharp contrast by Clegg's resignation speech. Now, I've no time for Clegg's politics, but I was mightily impressed by the man himself in the manner of his departure. Stoic, dignified, mature and featuring the all-important words "as leader, I take full responsibility".

Look and learn, Farage - that's how to do a resignation speech. But I suppose the point is that that's how to do a resignation speech and actually mean it.

Eric Edmond said...

Well said DE. I have just posted Reckless's very magnanimous praise for his opponent. I neither agree with nor like Jim Murphy but he again was graceful in defeat.

The only one who plumbed Farage depths was Laws in Yeovil. He came across as spiteful and ungracious.

The Double Event said...

Yes, Dr Eric, I was impressed by Murphy's very dignified concession and the other one who I have to say impressed me greatly in this regard was Ed Balls. He gave a very generous and magnanimous speech indeed after his constituency declaration. For that matter Miliband's speech on Friday afternoon showed Farage how to resign with dignity as well, but like Clegg and unlike Farage he was not trying to pull a fake resignation.

On the latter issue, I've been looking up the precise wording of Farage's pledge to resign if he failed in South Thanet, as published in his recent book "The Purple Revolution" (now available at all good bookshops in their remainder bin, price 50p). It's worth quoting in full:

“It is frankly just not credible for me to continue to lead the party without a Westminster seat. What credibility would Ukip have in the Commons if others had to enunciate party policy in Parliament and the party leader was only allowed in as a guest?

“Was I supposed to brief Ukip policy from the Westminster Arms? No, if I fail to win South Thanet, it is curtains for me. I will have to step down.”

If he is allowed to get away with his latest outrageous con-trick and resumes the party leadership in the autumn, this "frankly just not credible" state of affairs will indeed come to pass, with Farage dictating to Carswell how he should vote from the Westminster Arms. These are not our words, they are Farage's. He must not be allowed to whitewash them away - we must carry on reminding everyone about them until this wretched, insincere creep is out of the way once and for all.

Eric Edmond said...

Well said again DE!

Del Young predicted last week before the election exactly what Farage would do if/when he lost. Del knew he would go for Evans to keep his seat warm. Like Pearson 5 years ago Evans is no threat to Farage as she is a poor speaker and media performer so will never be a hit with the gullible UKIP faithful.

You did well to dig out Farage's exact resignation promise and we should all be grateful to you for that. We should try and get it to Michael Crick or one of the other media types to use when Farage is next interviewed.

UKIP are now history. The referendum is the future and I will try and concentrate on that and ignore UKIP's Arthur Daley.