Thursday, 28 May 2015

The EU is our biggest market lie

At best a half truth or half lie depending on the view you take.

The latest figures below from HMRC over the last two years tell the truth

Each month we import goods worth around 6 billion sterling than we export. Over a year that comes to £72 billion. That means we are exporting millions of high skilled jobs to the EU, jobs that are our children's birthright and which we should be training them to do. Worse these jobs are being stripped out of the manufacturing areas of the UK, the North and the Midlands the poorest parts of our country. The service sector which runs a smaller difficult to estimate surplus is of course concentrated in London and the South East. So being in the EU shows Gideon's Northern powerhouse as pure pie in the sky.

The breakdown by country of our trade deficit is instructive

PartnerMarch 2015
Comparison (Feb 2015)
Exports: £2.8bn

Imports: £5.6bn


Exports: £1.3bn

Imports: £2.7bn


Exports: £1.6bn

Imports: £2.1bn


Exports: £1.4bn

Imports: £1.0bn


Exports: £1.0bn

Imports: £1.9bn



No wonder the Eurocrats want the UK to stay in. As well as paying the bills we also provide jobs for Johnny EU Foreigner.

Time to nail the big market lie. Yes it is a big market but it benefits Johnny Foreigner not us. Thats why when we leave Merkel, Hollande etc will be beating a path to No 10 to sign trade deals with us!

PS latest figures published by Sky's Ed Conway shows how our exports to the EU are collapsing and those to the rest of the world growing. Game set and match to the get out campaign.

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Edward Spalton said...

I speak at sixth form debates about the EU where both sides are always heard. For years I had a straight run of victories, quite often by landslide majorities but it has become much more difficult in the last two years where I have had the salutary experience of losing - and of losing to thoroughly shoddy arguments, such as "The EU is like a family. Like all families it's not perfect but you would be very lonely and friendless without it.....opportunities to" and ending ( I kid you not) " and one day, one of you could be President of Europe".

At the next school where I lost but there were a great many abstentions, there was an organised group of Indo-Pak boys, determined to make me a racist. The first time I had come across such a thing. When I explained about the trade deficit - that our biggest export to the EU had been skilled, well-paid jobs and that we had got back shelf stacking and spanner and screwdriver work - that was definitely proof of racism. I was being disrespectful to immigrants!

I think that some of this sea change in opinion is down to "soft" EU propaganda from primary school upwards - nice colouring books, story books with that ring of stars and so on. The Campaign for an Independent Britain has just produced a high quality critique of the national curriculum for history. It costs £2.20 for a single copy post included.- not pleasant reading. If you would like one, please go to ..

Edward Spalton said...

Sorry should have been

I forgot the uk

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Mr Spalton. I would ignore theses racism allegations. I have had this from every Indian/Pakistani I have worked with when I have had to correct failings in their work.

More worying is that we are allowing so much proEU propaganda in our schools. Perhaps free schools will be different.

Edward Spalton said...

Do contact me through the website or to this address with your postal address and I will post you the booklet on the history curriculum, compiled by Chris McGovern, a retired head teacher and government adviser. Mr Gove, I think, started out with good intentions but was ambushed by the "blob" in the educational establishment. The new woman with her insistence on "British values" (which are anything but) appears to be rabidly "progressive"- a sop to the education establishment..

Lord Tebbit wrote to me
"....First of all I should say how strongly I agree with the theme of Chris McGovern's excellent booklet "Generations Betrayed".

The "blob" is indeed still winning in the battle to destroy any sense of nationhood.

"Lest we forget" has become "Lest we remember"...."

This is self-inflicted, not EU -inflicted .

The EU provides material suitable for nursery and infants' schools upwards but it is quite difficult to find out how much of it is being used and in what context. A retired teacher is making enquiries for CIB in one area. So we hope shortly to have at least a sample of what is actually happening.