Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Why Donald Trump?

There is a non descript bunch of GOP candidates  plus an invisible, useless  President. They are all sticking their heads in the sand over Muslim problems. Its similar to the refusal of our political elite to acknowledge immigration was  the number issue with UK electors until it bit them in the ballots..

It will be then same im the US. Just wait for the Jan 16 Iowa caucus results. Voters in the US as in France will vote for a candidate who speaks about their real problems and concerns.


Anonymous said...

Donald Trump has outraged a lot of liberals by suggesting a bar to the entry into the USA of muslims, but bans are brought in on majority groups all the time, everywhere, over the actions of a small minority. At one period anyone who was or had been a member of a communist party was banned from entering the US. And laws are constantly bought in over here banning an activity because of abuse by a small minority!

Eric Edmond said...