Friday, 13 May 2016

Christine Lagarde has her own agenda and you are not on it.

Mm Lagarde is not an economist, she is a lawyer. It is not clear to me why she is a fit and proper persn to head the IMF, pronounce on our economy and be reported so uncritically by the BBC. She is also under investigation for corruption as were her two predecessors.

Click below to watch Andrew Neil's take on her qute ridiculous claims on the effect of Brexit.

and skip to Andrew Neil rubbishing Lagarde's unfounded plain stupid views that were obviously written by Osborne..

Here is another list of Lagarde's gaffes

Wrong in Greece Wrong on the Euro Missed the global financial crisis

But its the Greeks that are suffering whilst Lagarde swanks around in her designer outfits in Washington. Do not be taken in by this woman. Her agenda is to support the Euro and ensure its survival. She has no interest in UK citizens but she may have some French domestic political ambitions. She makes Dodgy Dave look a paragon of honesty.

She actually started her speech by thanking HMTreasury for help on her report. So much for an independent IMF!

So Osborne is Lagarde's boss.

Photo published for EU Paid €160 Million to Pro-Remain Groups

IMF is op of the list for EU money. Lagarde knows which side her croissants are buttered

. steps off the to explain why we should of the £350m we send to EU every week

We need much more of this lady!

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Stephen Harness said...

The EU payments to UK unions is interesting. Is this per annum? Does explain the position the Labour Party official line on the EU.