Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hague dismisses our worries about sovereignty and immigration as 'parochial concerns'

Well there you have the arrogance of our political elite laid bare. You can hear it from his own lips on the Today podcasr, click on link

and fast forward in 2 hours 14 minutes to hear his total disdain for the lives and problems of ordinary people.

Mr Hague only has to turn up at the House of Lords, park his bum on the redleather and collect £300 tax free. Its a bit like Monopoly, collect £300 for clocking in. The BBC recently exposed the truth that half the noble Lords admit theyonly go  for the money. Do they get free parking as well?

Read all about it by clicking below:

Our sovereignty belongs to the British people and is not William Hague's to give away to suit his short term political agenda.

Re Farage's comments on sex attacks by immigrants in I found this on the web, of coursed unreported by the BBC

Meanwhile, from Stuttgart comes a heavily-censored report of violent sexual attacks on women at a New Year’s Eve party in the city.
According to the Unser Tirol newspaper, women were attacked in two separate incidents by “troublemakers with an immigrant background” and “15 Mediterranean men with an Arabic appearance.”
The paper said the situation had “escalated” when the young girls refused the sexual advances made by the nonwhites. Their male partners—heavily outnumbered by the “refugees fleeing violence” were then savagely beaten, with one having to be admitted to the hospital with severe lacerations to the face.
According to the paper, bouncers then “accompanied the troublemakers with an immigrant background to the door of the premises,” but they waited outside for the German girls to emerge.
When they did, the unsuspecting whites were “cruelly beaten” by the nonwhite mob. One of the victims was beaten so badly that she suffered a broken nose and several cuts to the face, and had to undergo an emergency surgical procedure at the local hospital.
attack-victim-stuttgartOne of the victims of the Stuttgart attack. (Photo from Facebook).
“According to the victim’s father, the offenders were men with immigrant backgrounds,” the paper added.
Other incidents downtown involved a swarm of “Mediterranean men with Arabic appearance” robbing and sexually assaulting white girls, the report concluded.

When taken together with the other incidents in Cologne and Hamburg, a clear pattern is emerging: the mass nonwhite invasion has quickly turned into a typical Third World criminal free-for-all.

I wonder how the most incredibly reverend Justin Oilwell would have felt if it had been his daughter.

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