Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Thoughts on Tonights Farage v Cameron

It was clearly stacked against Farage including Etchingham bias, going first, hostile audience etc. I think it is well summed up by two tweets from Isabel Oakeshott:

Cameron will be delighted he's being allowed to deliver a series of speeches, totally uninterrupted.

Well I think Cameron's satisfied expression at the end of that says it all. He didn't break sweat.

Farage did well to avoid the various traps, accusations of racism etc, that had been set for him by ITV but he still came off worst. He had to put up with frequent interuptions from highly politicised young ethnic females whereas Cameron as Isabel says was allowed to deliver uninterupted speeches with the smirking moderator Etchingham happy Farage was being worked over.

Its why Farage should never have gone on, he was bound to lose. I understand Farage saw this as his lifelong issue but he did not do himself any favours.

He is not a member of Vote Leave and had no right to appear. He was the soft target Cameron likes and ITV provided. Vote Leave has a bit of damage limitation to do. It started just after the programme with Gisela Stuart rightly distancing Vote Leave from Farage as quicky as possible.

Isobel just tweeted reult of Guardian Poll on the non-debate captioned

Even with format of choice, Cameron couldn't win on a Guardian poll.

Surprising unless its Guardianistas Tory hatred coming through.

The most sensible comment came from Melanie Phillips that people will just ignore the politicians and the media and this is going to come down to people's gut feeling of do we want to be a self governing nation or not. I do wish we could debate that single issue from which everything else flows.

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