Thursday, 18 January 2018

Why do we want the Bayeux tapestry anyway?

I can think of no other country that would make such a big thing of exhibiting a national defeat to our impressionable Corbyn loving children. It will only be easily accessible to those living in London thus pandering to the metropolitan elite.. There is an excellent Victorian copy in Reading for anyone that interested.Time for Mrs May to say thanks but no thanks.. Beware Greeks bearing gifts!

I find as always the Matt cartoon hits the nail on the head.

The Telegraph - Matt cartoons

Or perhaps a good Tory feud from the Sun

Taking more unaccompanied 20 plus olds claiming to be children is madness. The French EU created this mess, let them clear it up. Allowing these 'migrants' to work in France would go far to eliminating this problem.


FW said...

I entirely agree. I would not trust Macron an inch, he is an entirely duplicitous and dodgy individual. It was not his fault he became the victim of a predatory paedophile teacher (who dumped her husband and children for him in the process) at the age of 15, but there is something odd about such a victim who then stays with the paedophile and now spends much of his time trying to lavish a megabucks taxpayer-funded salary upon her - hypocritically so, considering that he only lucked into the presidency when Fillon's candidacy was hit terminally by the scandal of.... lavishing a megabucks taxpayer-funded salary upon his wife. At least Madame Fillon was not a sick paedo, unlike Madame Macron.
Hypocrisy is indeed Macron's speciality. He says he wants to liberalise the French economy (good) and he goes around lecturing everyone about his vile eurofanaticism (bad), but he childishly nationalised France's biggest shipyard just to stop the Italians getting their hands on it, thus making a mockery of both his liberalising credentials and his euro-preaching in one fell swoop. Okay, so it's good if his eurofanaticism isn't for real, but the hypocrisy involved is still nauseating - much better just not to preach eurofanaticism in the first place and be honest about his nationalism.
And on the subject of his nationalism - this guy is a Euro-Shop De Gaulle (actually, I'll withdraw that compliment to De Gaulle, who was a narcissist too and a paranoid nutcase to boot). Macron is a jumped-up little military adventurer who has already caused great distress and upset in Africa and the Indian Ocean (just ask the Comoreans about his disgusting racist joke about their desperate boat people). Forget the Bayeux Tapestry, May wants her blooming head examined agreeing to rope our lads into this little Napoleon's misadventures in Mali.

Stephen Harness said...

There is no need for the tapestry to come here and it certainly does look to be a masterpiece.
As long as migrants see and economic and social reason to come to the UK, it will cost Macron will cost to keep them out. The French would rather put them on the next ferry and who can blame them. We set them free from Afghan, Iraq and Libya after a great deal of destruction and the armament factories have got rich destroying Syria. We should put Blair and Cameron on trial for this mess.
Macron will have his hands tied by French Trade Unions. Some time ago total wanted to close a refinery within the group, to please the unions they out on the market the only refinery in the group that made money, Immingham. The sale to the Russians fell through but the subsequent French working practices nearly did for the refinery.

FW said...

Yes Stephen, you are right about the mess created in the Middle East by Blair's military misadventures in particular and this is my point too about little Macron, a French Blair if ever there was one, and his military misadventures in Mali and elsewhere - ostensibly involving exactly the same target, militant islamism. I say "ostensibly" because actually the issue is muddied even further in the case of French military interference because of France's colonial past in countries such as Mali and her refusal ever since to let go. It was De Gaulle who set in train that refusal, which has marked France's policy towards its ex-colonies ever since to a greater or lesser degree, depending upon who is in the Elysee at a given point. The current occupant has ensured a marked turn for the worse in this regard; he really does see himself as the new de Gaulle, as evinced by his ridiculous procession through Paris on the day of his investiture. No traditional Citroen limo for little Emmanuel, oh non, he insisted on a triumphal ride on the back of an armoured military vehicle. What a little prat. On the same day, he renamed the French Ministry of Defence as the Ministry of the Army. This is what May is now foolishly getting involved with in Mali. Whatever assistance our lads give to Macron's megalomaniac plans, you can be sure it won't be reciprocated by any thought on his part for the British interest and overall it is further western interference in the islamic world which can but end badly. If Macron really wants fewer migrants in Calais and elsewhere, he could make a good start by pulling out of Timbuktu and easing the pressures which push those migrants north.

Too right that Macron will have his hands tied by the French trade unions. It is another key example of the facetiousness of his so-called liberalising project that serious reform of the trade unions forms absolutely no part of it. On the contrary, he comes out with all the usual woolly guff about getting the unions round a big table, the standard nonsense which traditionally indicate a spineless French leader prepared to do precisely nothing about the "syndicats" and the impediments they put in the way of a France that might be serious about competing in the modern world. Another sign, in short, that Macron is all talk and hypocrisy.

Finally, I cannot read your final sentence, mentioning as it does the words "Russians" and "French working practices" together, without passing comment. "Russian interference" is a phrase much in use at the moment - with good reason - but it is less well-known that the French working practices, to which you correctly refer with disdain, are the consequence of a very successful operation of Russian interference more than half a century ago. For that, the French have to "thank" an appointment by De Gaulle - yes, that appalling man again - his ironically-named "Minister of Administrative Reform" and effective right-hand man, Louis Joxe, a Soviet spy who was under direct orders from Moscow to screw up the French state system by making it as labyrinthine and byzantine as possible. He achieved his masters' objectives in grand style and the consequences have been with France ever since. Quite a number of French people know about Joxe and his Soviet-directed sabotage, but of course most of them just shrug their shoulders.

Eric Edmond said...

I think Macron sees himself as the new Napoleon.

Anonymous said...

Macron, as well as Juncker, has his name all over the following with his "Initiatives for Europe"

"Future of Europe: European Parliament sets out its vision"
(26 pages A4)

Better off out and as soon as possible before we are enmeshed even further. Our military would seem to being run down over the years while at the same time as being integrated with that of Europe the French in particular, but so long as we have PM May I fear we will end up half In half Out in order to placate.

FW said...

Dr Edmond - "I think Macron sees himself as the new Napoleon". Yes, you are quite right, I said so myself at the end of my first post where I described him as "this little Napoleon".
The trouble with too many French leaders is that they hark back to an imagined glorious past that never actually existed (both Napoleon and De Gaulle ended their careers and their lives in abject failure) and so they make it far too easy for the rest of us to chortle at their ridiculousness. De Gaulle saw himself as a new Napoleon. Now Macron sees himself as a new Napoleon AND a new De Gaulle; Well, more fool him, he will end up the same way as them. Just one decade ago it was Sarkozy seeing himself in exactly the same light and look what happened to him - another failure on the rubbish heap of history.

Even the leading left-winger in France today, Melenchon, goes around describing himself quite absurdly as a "Gaullo-Mitterandist". Why do all French politicians want to cast themselves in the image of failures from their past? It is truly weird. I like France and most of the ordinary French, but it's a psychological basket case.