Monday, 2 July 2018

Why do the ‘liberal’ elite still love the EU?

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The elite love the EU because they are loyal to their class  not their country. It comes from the officer class ideal that has its origins in chivalric orders of the middle ages. Cheval is of course French for horse. Officers generally rode horses and identified with those who rode horses just as they still do today at Royal Ascot and Polo grounds . Their main aim is to keep the plebs subservient. They are terrified of working class revolts.

Hence all the propaganda about Red Clydeside in WWI. They conveniently forget that the thin red line of the Crimean war was the Argylls who recruited in the working class slums of Glasgow.

The working class love their country. The political elite and officer class love their privileges. They know the EU will preserve their status and position.

For the workers, if they want to live, shooting  their  officers is the best survival strategy but be careful you don't get caught, 11th commandment.


Stephen Harness said...

Having listened to Tony Blair last week on Radio 4 rewriting immigration history it is obvious that the elite can get away with anything. New Labour went dark to go around the world recruiting mass immigration and Blair still is in denial about this. Lie about immigration, lie about Iraq and the political elite will protect you to the point that history is whatever you want. Hopeless Humphreys let him lie, lie, lie and hardly made an intervention.
The EU is a home for creeps and half-wits.
40 years and the working man has been cheated without hardly noticing. Cameron failed to understand that in the north the working man still has a grudge and the bravery to vote out.
The elite are now planning how to cheat the UK into staying in the EU.

Niall Warry said...

I worry as an old acquaintance about your hang up with the 'officer class'.

As an officir class civil servant you should have never taken the step into officer territory and remained at the other rank level.

To have joined the officer class but to continually deride it is a little odd is it not?