Sunday, 30 September 2012

Why did Greg Beaman stand down in favour of Nuttal

I have never understood the hold Farage has on people. Greg Beaman came top in NW region as UKIP MEP candidate for the 2009 elections. He stood down within 48 hours leaving Nuttall in the top slot. The late Piers Merchant told me that Mr Beaman had been under pressure from Farage to stand down. I have never understood why given the time and effort Mr Beaman had devoted to winning top spot on the UKIP slate why he then stood down.

It cannot have been financial given 5 years as a UKIP MEP is estimated to be worth one million pounds to your bank balance. So why did Mr Beaman stand down? Answers in the comments section of this blog would be most welcome. He obviously let down those who had voted for him but worse it enormously strengthened Farage's control over UKIP with his unquestioning acolyte Nuttall an MEP and deputy leader.

It has done huge damage to UKIP which is now more than ever the Farage party. It is important now that the UKIP MEP selection round is starting again that party members can be sure the candidates they are voting for are capable of standing up to the pressures and control Farage exerts. The latest changes to the UKIP constitution gives unbridled power over candidate selection to Farage via the UKIP NEC which is dominated by his place men so it is unlikely anyone capable of independent thought will find themselves in the top four slots of any UKIP list

UKIP members should realize how profoundly undemocratic their party is and how much it is under the dictatorship of one man.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Eurozone problems increase. C4's Crick susses Farage

The historic split between the Protestant hard working countries of Northern Europe, Germany, Holland, Finland & Austria and the Latin Group of Italy, Spain Portugal is showing through. Spain is in a huge mess plus their bank's balance sheets are weighed down with bad property loans that will take over 10 years to run off. The hard line Northerners have told Spain that the European Stability Mechanism, ESM funds, roughly €100bn cannot be used to pay off these legacy debts and hence recapitalize the Spanish banks. Meanwhile the Spanish economy continues to shrink as protests against austerity grow.

The most prosperous region in Spain, Catalonia, wants to secede and join the EU as a separate, independent country. The Catalan government will hold an election next month to seek a democratic mandate for secession.

Eurozone business confidence indicators have sunk to a 3 year low even in Germany. Athens continues to burn and Greek social cohesion is breaking down but still the well fed Eurocrats consider it a price worth paying as of course its not them that's doing the starving.

There was a telling comment from C4's Michael Crick at the end of his interview with Farage. Click on link to see the interview. As Mr Crick perceptively remarked, the higher UKIP rides in the polls the more scrutiny  Mr Farage will come under. As one who served on the UKIP NEC and was kicked off by Farage's cabal, in my case organised by Campbell Bannerman I can give Mr Crick plenty of material. Now which party has Bannerman joined after receiving Farage's blessing to secure his MEP spot?  Andreasen was another Farage nominee. She breached six UKIP electoral rules but was waived through as no 2 on the SE MEP list by Farage supporter and former Tory MP Gill.

If Mr Crick would like to contact me via this blog I will happily put him in touch with those who can  give him plenty of material for a real expose of Farage's UKIP.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What UKIP should be doing right now but are not

I have written at least twice pointing out that there will be a referendum on our EU membership sooner rather than later. The Tories are increasingly Eurosceptic party impossible to lead by Europhile Dave. The coalition exacerbates this problem as it gives the Europhile Lib Dems far more ministerial jobs than their MP numbers or talent deserves. This leaves Dave with a horde of dis-satisfied young Turks on his back benches that he cannot control with prospects of preferment to ministerial office. For Dave the only way of lancing this boil is a 'fixed' in out EU referendum.

My close neighbour Paddy Pantsdown picked up on this at the Lib Dem conference yesterday. "Prepare for EU referendum" was how the DT  entitled its report. He claims a referendum is 'unstoppable' and became inevitable when Dave used the UK veto to stop an EU plan on the Euro crisis. I have given the reasons above however why Dave was forced to do this. Paddy wants the LibDems to begin campaigning for an 'In' vote and he ' remains very confident they will win provided it is "in or out" and not on treaty change.'

I agree with Paddy that time is short and those of us who want out of the EU should be working hard right now for such a referendum starting of course with the question on the ballot paper. As in 1975 it will not be a fair contest. The EU, the Beeb, the TUC and the CBI, an unholy alliance if ever there was one, will pour money in to finance pro EU propaganda. We have to be smart and well financed to combat this juggernaut and  the UK courts to ensure a fair contest and that won't come cheap.

We will need talented and able people to put forward the 'Out' case. This is our once in a lifetime chance. An 'Out' vote would render the political parties impotent and ensure repeal of the 1972 European Act. We have got to put all the effort money and talent we have into this campaign.

Will UKIP do this? Not a chance with Farage in charge. His one and only concern will be to ensure he and his dodgy associates are re-elected back on the EU gravy train in 2014. The whole thrust of UKIP's effort will be to elect this sordid cabal back on the EU payroll for another 5 years. Even if they won all 76 UK MEP seats it would not advance our cause to leave the EU one iota. All it would achieve is to boost Mr Farage's bank balance.

An 'Out' vote by the UK electorate in a referendum is our only chance in our undemocratic, party manager controlled political system. Farage and his motley talentless crew of placemen are simply not fit for this crucial task. We will need people of real ability from all walks of life, academic, business, trade unions, military and media not fourth raters and never wozzers.

Nikki is running a we want a referendum campaign. She is pushing at a half open door. She works hard but cannot possibly lead  the 'Out' campaign in the referendum. Worse, she wants to be re-elected as an MEP. We need a leader untainted by Brussels and its largesse. Click on link to see what Katie Hopkins, Nikki's front candidate did to the Farage's useless  placeman Nuttall and as has been pointed out the UKIP MEP slate top candidates in every region will be Farage appointees endorsed by the Farage controlled NEC.

The EU is weak right now and getting weaker Greece is disintegrating. Catalonia is trying to secede from strike torn Spain. Gaps are showing in the Franco Prussian alliance. In short Euroland is in turmoil. What I time to marshal an anti EU vote!

As my national poet Rabbie Burns vote in his great Scottish battle hymn, Scots wha hae,

 "Now's the time and now's the hour".

Don't lets miss our great opportunity because of a bunch of sordid worthless spivs. Lets start preparing our 'Out' campaign now! I will be saying that to Nikki on Friday 5th October at Central Hall, Westminster.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Andrew Crockett RIP

It was with sadness I read Andrew's obituary in today's DT. He served 25 years in the BoE before going to be head of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basle for about 8 years. He retired from that post in time to be considered as the next Governor in 2002 when Gord made Merv Governor designate. This ranks along with the sale of UK gold reserves and setting up his tri-partite regulation as three dreadful Gord decisions. The popular vote in the bank was for Andrew Crockett who had been as head of the BIS the central banks central banker to be the next Governor. Quite simply he was a banker, understood banks and got on well with bankers. Merv was none of these things. He was an academic monetary economist at times playing with a central bank like a toy train set.

The other candidate was Howard Davies who would also have been preferable to Merv. Howard let people get on with their jobs and respected their expertise. He was also a great PR man and networker.  Merv was a control freak who wanted to control everything and everybody.

We are now paying the price for another poor GB decision and we will go on paying it for the next 10 years at least.

Like Vince Cable as a pleb I cannot resist commenting on Thrasher Mitchell's bike incident. It gives the lie to the myth of police independence when Downing Street brazenly admit that the cabinet secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood leaned on the head of the Met, Mr Hogan Howe to close down any investigation into f'ing pleb comments. One can't help noticing how many Chief Constables have knighthoods. Poor Mr HH must be getting a bad case of knighthood starvation something I am sure JH had soothing words for. And who is the good fairy who has final say on the next honours list? Well his initials are JH. That's how we do things in the UK!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Things are going the eurorealists way

The main political arguments for us to leave the EU are being currently made not by the Tories but by the EU itself. The obsession of their political elite to create a federal Europe with its own army, diplomatic corp and treasury is running into more and more opposition in more and more countries and will eventually grind to a halt as did Hitler's Panzers in Russia in 1943 and Napoleons's Grande Armee in 1812. Both wanted to create a united Europe on their terms ruled by their own elite. There is little difference between the current EU and Napoleon's Continental System of 1812. Both Hitler and Napoleon were undermined by the overwhelming natural force of winter and so weakened they could be defeated by conventional means.

Thus it will be for the EU. It will be their hubris in the face of the overwhelming force of the economic winter that will sap their strength so they will eventually fall to conventional political forces. Right now UK and other national political parties are an irrelevance but their time will come. The political pygmies will then claim it was their victory and squabble over the credit and financial spoils which is the only thing these worthless people can do.

How long will it take? Right now we are entering the Robert Mugabe period of printing money. Inflation will take off and there will be civil unrest and a general breakdown of EU structures as happened 1600 years ago with the Roman Empire! History does repeat itself. As it says in Ecclesiastes, "the sun rises and the sun sets and there is nothing new under the sun."

Monday, 17 September 2012

We demand a referendum

My UKIP subscription falls due in September. I have always renewed it more in hope than expectation but also as there was no alternative for voting against our EU membership. There is a alternative now and I will be taking it and not renewing my UKIP sub! Nikki Sinclaire has got the, "We Demand a Referendum" party up and running. Click on link to read about it.

It is using the successful campaign format developed by Jimmy Goldsmith in 1997 which cost the Tories a lot of seats. In the South West, my region, the new parties' lead candidate will be the glamorous, talented and charismatic Katie Hopkins a star of the TV apprentice program. What a change from Farage's tired old political hacks like the Hamiltons and political non entities like William Legge. I urge everyone in the UK to vote for this new party in the Euros and sweep away the old corrupt political system which has been such a disaster for our country since 1900.

Referendums return political power to where it belongs, the people. It limits and removes power from the political class and political con men like Nigel Farage. They are not perfect but have delivered for Switzerland the best run country in Europe for the last 400 years. It must be worth a try. The political class and BBC led media and all political parties will of course unite against this proposal. Turkeys don't vote for Xmas but their united opposition is a sure fire sign it is the right thing to do to save our country.

This new party stands for a clear deliverable result. UKIP stands only for fattening the bank accounts of Farage and his cabal of placemen.

On the subject of the next  BoE governor, Libor and Diamond Bob was not Paul Tuckers only faux pas. Click on link to read about his private transactions.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

EU takes control of London Banking

That was the gist of the DT story today I read today on my return from France. Why am I not surprised? I wrote in this a year ago this would happen. It has been an EU aim for many years and now UK banks greed have presented the EU with an open goal. The usual suspects are demanding a full scale parliamentary debate but as always Cam and biggot fancier Clegg are on the EU's side.

I note the DT discussing the three front runners for the big Gov job. I know two of them but I have never met AdairTurner who presided over many of the regulatory failures. GOD  invented the failed tri-partite regulatory system. Diamond Bob's mate, my old boss Libor Tucker, makes up the shortlist. Failure pays big in the UK establishment. Oh for a banking Andy Murray! Come back Fred the Shred.

I read NF has been boasting of collecting £2 mn in expenses from the EU. That's what being an MEP is all about! The only way onto a UKIP MEP list is to suck up to NF. UKIP is indeed blessed to have so many with brown rings round their noses ensuring no shortage of suitable candidates.