Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ison continued & ECB creates another 529 bn Euro

Following my request for information on Mr Ison I see Junius, click on link to read, and Steve Morson on Butchers forum, click on forum to read his contribution.

There does seem to be considerable confusion about Mr Isoe's employment record. The allegations of his close links to Nigel Farage also need to be answered. 

The EU is now in full panic mode. Today the ECB lent 529 bn € on pretty dodgy collateral for 3 years today. The main bidders for this largesse were Italian banks, 130 bn  €. The total  lent under this LTRO (Long Term Repo Operations) scheme now totals 1.02 trillion Euro! What happens 3 years down the road when this sum has to be repaid?

Right now the effect is clear to see. Italian bond auctions for sub two year maturities are now going at around 2%. Even the 10 year rate of 5.2% is down from its 6.5% peak but not by as much as the EU hoped for. Ten years is a long time and the markets are asking the same question I posed in the previous paragraph.

In the real world Greek society is now in melt down. Click on link to read Trevor Kavanagh's powerful piece in today's Sun. The EU has succeeded in re-opening the old wounds and hatred of Germany created by WWII. Quite an achievement for an organisation that was meant to make us all Europeans who will love each other.

Meanwhile in the Boy's inbox the Argies are kicking up over the Falklands. Its all oil driven. I do hope the Boy heeded my pre Xmas advice and has ensured there is now lots of UK military assets in Falkland waters. We will soon find out if its Iron Dave or Dave the chocolate tea pot. No Oscars in the latter.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What is a selective default?

First I thank all who replied to my request for information on Mr Ison. It was much appreciated and filled in a gap in my knowledge.

Today the FT witters on about the S&P ratings agency putting Greece on 'selectoive default'. I had never heard of this but it seems to be a temporary status pending the forced restructuring of Greek debt held by private bondholders. It seems Greek law allows this to happen. It is all very strange but why anyone would have bought Greek debt in the first place is beyond me. The problem is many financial institutions to not read the covenants attached to bonds mainly as they don't understand them or their implications.

Here is how the FT puts it:

"S&P said the downgrade followed the retroactive insertion by Athens of a “collective action clause” forcing all bondholders to accept the terms of the deal put forward by the government for bonds issued under Greek law."

Its all very vague in the true EU tradition but I am certain of two things:

You can't pull this trick twice. No one in their right mind will ever buy Greek bonds in the forseeable future.

Another bail out will be needed in 6 months.

The only thing I am not sure of is when the Greek revolution will take place! 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Who is John Ison? Who does he work for?

The name John Ison is being bandied about on the UKIP blogsphere. During my time in UKIP I never met Mr Ison and never heard his name. If any one can illuminate my information deficit on Mr Ison I would be grateful. Even knowing which region of UKIP he is associated with would be helful.

On the Euro crisis AEP has a good piece in today's DT business showing Spain's problem real estate was created in Frankfurt by the ECB cutting rates to boost the German manufacturing economy. Spain like Greece is now paying the price for German hegemony in the ECB. Germany is the problem not the Greeks or Spanish. Goodness knows what will happen when the self appointed German tax gauleiters arrive in Athens. I opine it will turn very nasty.

The markets are not fooled. Tonight the bail out fund was downgraded by a ratings agency Given this fund is backed by a number of AAA sovereigns it scarcely imbues one with confidence.   

Friday, 24 February 2012

Nuttall on Queston Time -better than Farage

I watched Paul Nuttall on QT. I recorded the show and watched him this morning. He was OK. No worse and no better than the other panellists but more important he was more effective than Farage confirming my view that there are many in UKIP capable of performing adequately on QT.

PN was much more measured and far less frenetic than Farage. Sure he missed a few points but most do in that format which is not in fact that difficult to handle. Paxo and Andrew Neil are far harder to cope with. The question topics are vetted by the BBC so the subjects are easy to predict and with five panellists you cannot be grilled over any length of time.

Its difficult to star on QT. Only Starkey, George Galloway, Heffer and Hitchens really wow the audience. PN came slightly unstuck  against Cristina Odone on the subject of Berlusconi. He obviously had not twigged that Cristina is half Italian. Put that with her Oxford intellect and ravishing looks and PN was always going to lose that one but otherwise he did OK.

The only advice I would give him is to lay off the Sun. It may play well still in Liverpool but the rest of the country ain't interested. The guys at the Sun responsible for the Hillsborough coverage are long gone. There is no political mileage in it.

He came across as ordinary and decent unlike NF who dresses like a spiv with his sharp suits and camel hair velvet collared coat. Its an image the BBC loves to promote. Its not so easy for them with PN.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Buying time with fake money

I have just returned from a week in the frozen North to find the Eurozone has been saved and as for the Greeks, more poverty. The well being of the peoples of Europe always take second place to the amour propre and vanity of the EU political elite. The so called bail out's money will go direct to the imprudent EU banks whose huge CDS liabilities will not be exposed because so far no default has been declared. This saves the French banks for about 3 months which conveniently just gets past the forthcoming French presidential election which Sarkozy fantasises about winning!

After this I expect Greece and its people will be thrown to the wolves and efforts concentrated on saving the Italy and Spain. Portugal will be expendable.

The price will be revolution in Greece leading to either a military junta or a Communist government with Greece reverting to the drachma eventually.

The moral of this latter day Aesop fable is do not believe a word politicians say.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

EUs fatal weakness shows in |Greece

The EUs Achilles heal is its complete lack of any democratic legitimacy. Forget MEPs they are not chosen by the people, they are chosen by Farage and his like and share his attitudes and contempt for ordinary voters. The Greeks face elections shortly and every member party in the current ruling coalition will campaign on renegotiating the recent EU deal to lend Greece 100bn+ Euros in return for a generation of Greek slavery. Unlike our 2009 General Election Greek politicians will not be able to pretend there is no problem. The starving Greeks know the truth.

I wrote that the great battle would come when the dictats of the EU elite conflicts with the self interest of national politicians seeking re-election. This is what all can see is now happening in Greece. The great triumph of the EU over the peoples of Europe has been to keep this conflict disguised and out of sight of the masses but now the cat is out of the bag.

This has been known to the political elite for many years. When Macmillan was PM from 1957 to 1963 he made the first unsuccessful attempt to join the Common Market. His cabinet minister and later Heath supporter wrote to Super Mac, 'No government dependent on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifices which any adequate plan for European Union must involve. The people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences, not asked…'

The then French PM Raymond Barre was still more explicit in his contempt. He said, “I have never understood why public opinion about European ideas should be taken into account at all.” You can't say it more clearly than that!

It is this arrogant elitist attitude which must be exposed to the UK electorate and the other peoples of Europe. It requires serious intellectual application to achieve this. EUKIP and its cabal are just an irrelevance, parasites sucking out the life blood of our country. These are dire times and the only winners are the EU politicians and EUKIP's cabal.  

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Farage changes the rules - again

I wrote previously on the aim of Farage's proposed new UKIP constitution ie to consolidate Farage's power in UKIP. I was surprised to receive a circular email from Tim Congdon that while it is erudite and well meaning shows TC has no idea of what he is dealing with in Nigel Farage. It reminds me of Chamberlain at Munich. Nigel does not do respecting the memberships vote on UKIP joining Pan European parties. Its money, power and personal media image that matters to Nigel.

I reproduce a Tim's email below for the benefit of those not on his mailing list.

"Dear fellow members of UKIP (and others concerned about the UK's relationship with the EU),

Members of the UK Independence Party are being asked to vote for a new Constitution. It is very important that – in the run-up to the 2014 European elections and the 2015 general election – UKIP’s members agree to and respect their party Constitution, and that the Constitution itself be clearly written and legally unambiguous. The present Conservative-LibDem coalition government is mediocre and unconvincing, as well as being essentially Europhile.These are ideal conditions for minority parties to pick up protest votes. UKIP ought to top the poll in the 2014 European elections and at least to double its share in the next general election (i.e., to reach at least 6% in the national vote). But – as far as possible – UKIP must concentrate on “outfighting” (fighting our enemies), not “infighting” (fighting each other).

Unhappily, many influential members – including, for example, Mike Nattrass MEP and several branch chairmen – are concerned about the contents of the new Constitution. Last year the party had a major debate about its attitude towards pan-European political parties. I took an active role in that debate and helped put together some of the key information on the meaning of PEPPs. I was delighted that – after an open, democratic and occasionally quite fierce debate – the party’s members voted by more than two to one that UKIP must not become associated with a PEPP.

The current concerns about the Constitution focus on two issues,

-          the possibility that, under clause 3.4 of the proposed Constitution, the Leader and the National Executive Committee could override last year’s PEPP vote and take the party, and its MEPs, into a PEPP, and
-          the selection of candidates for elections.

I am not in this e-mail going to cover the second of these. However, I do feel very strongly that the party membership’s opposition to a PEPP must be respected by the Leader and the NEC. I have therefore written the following Open Letter to Nigel Farage and asked him to reassure members. Will Nigel give us a clear and definite commitment that, while he is Leader, UKIP will have nothing to do – no connection whatsoever – with a pan-European political party, a structure which – as everyone knows – is a creation of the EU and a bribe from the European Parliament to MEPs? If Nigel can give us that commitment, I will support the new Constitution. The Open Letter appears below, and is also attached as a Word file and a PDF file.

Open Letter to Nigel Farage MEP, Leader of the UK Independence Party

Dear Nigel,                                                                                                                                              12th February, 2012

Several party members have written to me voicing their concern about the proposed new Constitution. Some have sought my opinion on the Constitution and asked for my recommendation about how they should vote. One of their main concerns relates to clause 3.4 which reads,
The Party may cooperate with other like-minded democratic parties, institutions and organisations for any purposes which are wholly consistent with its objectives, whether such be in the United Kingdom or elsewhere for such time and to such an extent as the Leader and the NEC deem necessary and expedient in order to advance the Party’s objectives.
A commonly-held view is that this clause would allow the Leader and the NEC to form an association between, on the one hand, the Party and its MEPs, and, on the other, a pan-European political party established under the European Parliament’s auspices.

We perhaps do not need to remind ourselves that the UK Independence Party had a major intra-party debate last year about a possible association between it and a pan-European political party. That debate took up time and energy. I was myself on the panel of speakers opposed to a PEPP relationship and spoke to three “hustings”-type meetings. I was delighted that the membership voted by a decisive margin of just over two to one that UKIP should not become associated with a PEPP. I was also sorry and disappointed when, late in the campaign, you supported in an article in Independence a link between UKIP and a PEPP. I was sorry and disappointed not least because in January 2004 you had said that UKIP was “opposedon principle to the idea of state funding of political parties, either nationally or at the European level. (The italics are mine.)

You have frequently expressed your dismay about the lack of democracy in the European Union. I have admired your speeches and interventions in the European Parliament. I agree with you 100% that the un-democratic and centralizing direction of travel in the European Union must be deplored. But consistency then demands that UKIP conduct itself in a fully democratic spirit. If we deplore the un-democratic and centralizing direction of travel in the EU, surely UKIP itself must be a model of democracy.  

I might myself be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on clause 3.4, but several party members are unhappy. Accompanying this letter is another, from Michael Foulston, chairman of the Mole Valley and Epsom branch, to his branch members. The worries set out in that letter seem to me to be very understandable.

I now come to the crux of the matter. Will you, during your period as UKIP Leader, respect the result of the democratic 2011 vote on the pan-European political party issue? More precisely, will you given a clear and definite commitment that you will discourage and prevent any association between, on the one hand, UKIP and its MEPs, and, on the other, a pan-European political party established under the auspices of the European Parliament? As we both know, such pan-European political parties are funded from the European Parliament’s budget, and its officials check and decide the compatibility of such expenditure with the EU’s wider aims. Those aims are totally at variance with UKIP’s.

If you give a clear, definite commitment that you will stop an association between UKIP and a PEPP, I will myself vote ‘Yes’ to the Constitution and I will recommend to others that they do the same; if you cannot give such a commitment, I will vote ‘No’ and recommend to others that they also vote ‘No’. Time is pressing, and I would appreciate your early reply. If I have not heard from you by Friday, 17th February, I will be voting ‘No’.  (Let me note that I have little doubt that the Constitution will be voted through, whatever the outcome of this exchange between us. At any rate, if UKIP does under your leadership link up with a pan-European party, party members will know where you stand.) I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Tim Congdon CBE

Economics Spokesman, UK Independence Party
Runner-up in the 2010 UKIP leadership election

Mike Natrass knows NF far better than TC and I respect his opinion for that reason more than Tim's. NF is the main indeed only cause of internal conflict in UKIP. You can see this in the selection of candidates for the coming London Assembly elections. I reproduce the list below.

Barnet & Camden Michael Corby
Bexley & Bromley David Coburn

Brent & Harrow Mick McGough

City & East Steven Woolfe

Croydon & Sutton Winston McKenzie

Ealing & Hillingdon Helen Knight

Enfield & Haringey Peter Staveley

Greenwich & Lewisham Paul Oakley

Havering & Redbridge Lawrence Webb

Lambeth & Southwark Gawain Towler

Merton & Wandsworth Mazhar Manzoor

North East Paul Wiffen

South West Jeff Bolter

West Central
 Elizabeth Jones

They all look like Farage loyalists to me but I would be happy to be proved wrong!

Mr Webb is also UKIP's candidate for London Mayor

TC is dead wrong. Selection for the EUKIP party slate is the be all and the end all of the NEC.

There is nothing wrong with loyalty to the party leader but it should come second to loyalty to the party's aims and aspirations. I feel that for many of these candidates their loyalty to NF comes first as they seek preferment on MEP lists. Joining a Pan European grouping is clearly counter to UKIP's core aim and the membership rightly rejected this Farage plan last year. I did warn T C that Farage would be back with the same proposal in a different envelope. Now who does that remind you of? That's right the EU!!!

That is why I and many others now refer to Farage's organisation as EUKIP. Its like the end of Orwell's satire Animal Farm when the animals having got rid of their human task masters end up controlled by their ruling political elite the pigs. The final chapter shows the still impoverished other animals watching in the cold through the farmhouse windows see the pigs drinking and gambling with the humans they claim to oppose inside the warm farm house and living high on the hog so to speak.

Thus it is with EUKIP.  EUKIP MEPs eat drink and carouse in Brussels with the EU elite and accumulate huge wealth whilst those who put them there suffer in penury in the UK. Not that it stops Nigel coming round frequently with his begging bowl. It reminds me of an old joke about a couple who win the football pools and the wife asks the husband what will we do with the begging letters. Keep sending them out her husband replies!

The only function  EUKIP's membership serves is to supply money and adulation to the controlling Cabal. 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Greek tragedy goes critical

I wrote some months ago that Greek anti German sentiment generated by the last war would inevitably come to the fore as the Prussian lady pursued her reparations strategy forcing the Greeks into poverty. German has been a huge winner out of the Euro. Without the Euro to hide behind the German Dmark would have appreciated hugely and German unemployment much higher than it is today.  Germany is fighting its own corner and the Greeks are having to pay.

The Greek parliament is meeting tonight under an unending series of scare stories from its EU appointed gauleiter. If you don't bow to German demands the country will run out of petrol, drugs etc. Can you imagine any proud sovereign nation caving into this blackmail and naked use of financial muscle?

Already the police are close to revolt as are all the Greek public sector workers. That only leaves the Greek army as an institution that still functions. Conditions are starting to look right for  a military  coup with a neo Nazi regimebut there will be much blood spilt on the streets of Athens before that happens.

The Euro as presently constructed is finished. Its on life support kept going as the UK also keeps going on constant infusions of central bank funny money. This will go on until Sarkozy loses out big time in this years French presidential elections and who knows what comes next.

At home the QE pigeons are coming home to roost. God help anyone retiring now who has to buy an annuity but with the political elite supporting the idle and feckless and rip off business men with dubious morals who speaks for middle England? No one I can hear on the media.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Farage, the BBC's useful idiot

I am grateful to Major Warry for reminding me of Lenin's description of UK left wing intelligentsia o the 20s. For Farage the description is self seeking, vain wannabee TV chat show host but still a very useful idiot for the Euro phile and EU financed BBC.  He enables the BBC to tick the eurosceptic balance box whilst doing no harm to the EU cause. and more likely benefiting the EU

Click on the link below to watch NF telling a big porky.

 Farage on Andrew Neil show

Did you spot it. When Jo Coburn asked NF how many women MEPs UKIP has he replied two when any fule do kno there is only one after the Farage assisted exit of Nikki.

My main complaint about Farage is not that he is a poor leader but that he denies media space to those who could make the leave the EU case in a far more professional, well informed and effective manner that could really further our cause and help win UK parliamentary seats. Names like Richard North, Trevor Colman, Nikki Sinclaire etc  spring to mind.

But while Farage sits there smirking in the BBC studios thinking what a terrific media star he is he helps the BBC EU phile cause no end. Note how often the BBC shows clips and pix of Farage in his Arthur Daley camel hair velvet collar coat. Now why do they do that I wonder?

Listen to George Eustice MP on the hour long clip. He used to be a UKIP candidate! His understated remarks show why he is an MP. Compare it to Farages shrill and hectoring manner and you know why he loses parliamentary elections.


I gather some of my readers are having difficulty posting comments on my blog. I have tried it under the open ID tag and it works but possibly the easiest way is to open a google email account which costs nothing and post using this email address. You dont have to use it for your proper emails although it will do this as well.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

BBC protects Farage again!

I switched on the Andrew Neil politics show at 12:00 today to find Farage and my former colleague from the BoE Matthew Hancock on the show.

Jo Coburn asked Farage how many women MEPs UKIP had. Farage replied two which is of course untrue as Nikki Sinclaire left UKIP sometime ago as she did not wish to sit with Farage's EU neo Nazi allies. UKIP has one female MEP, the semi-detached mid European Marta Andreasen. I did email theDaily Politics to point out this untruth but received only the usual non-reply.

It is disappointing given Andrew Neil's careful research for all his interviews. My old buddy Matt Hancock was given a real going over by A Neil in a well researched interview. He did not do well but Farage got the kid glove treatment from the notoriously pro EU Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. Why?

Clearly the BEEB regard Farage as an ally in their pro-EU campaign.  He is pathetic but he does keep people who could do serious damage to the EU off the air which suits the BBC's book. A Neil also interviewed George Eustice, now a Tory MP, but previously a UKIP candidate who gave the game away by pointing out UKIP is really just a Farage cult not a serious political party and thus whilst Farage remains leader the Europhiles can sleep easily .

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

How the other half lives, Pensioners & Qatada

Occasionally I have to travel on the local buses from our little village into the mighty metropolis of Yeovil, seat of Law's bum. I learn a great deal from meeting the bus users mainly OAPs and teenagers about the importance of such services.

First, its a social club as much as a transport service. Many of the OAPs live on their own as their spouses have predeceased them and they are delighted to have someone to talk to for the half hour or so. Interestingly it gives the teenagers I chance to talk to their elders and help and learn from them and they obviously enjoy it on both sides.

These OAPs are frozen during this cold spell. There were tales of burst pipes and incredibly cloths frozen in their washing machines. They were all burning all the heating they had, central, coal & wood and even electric. They remain cheerful but incredibly our callous LibDem council is proposing further cuts to this essential service. It takes these OAPs into Tescos and Marks where they can buy basic food and clothes.

Would it not be better to cut Laws' parliamentary expenses instead? Laws is in deep electoral trouble thanks to his exposure in the DT expense fiddles. I hope he gets kicked out next time.

The other thing that shocked me was a headline in one paper today saying we were paying millions of pounds a year for police to protect this foreigner Qatada. What on earth for? He entered our country illegally. He is not a  citizen. He is entitled to no more police protection than any other citizen ie not a lot unless you are a member of the royal family or our self serving political elite!

If his statements create anger and make him likely to be attacked then he has a perfectly simple low cost and effective remedy. Shut up!

I have no doubt the bleeding heart LibDems and the boy will wring their hands and agonise about sending him back to Jordan where he belongs and of course do nothing. That's the people the UK electorate voted for.They are the guilty men and women who do not stand up to defend our country or its people . 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Trevor Colman lays out how we extricate our country from the EU

Today I received two communications re UK membership of the EU. One by email came from, Trevor Colman's unit that publishes facts relating to the many costs and few benefits of UK membership of the EU. Its an excellent piece of work, click here to view. Its the best and most concise summary I have ever seen and heard on what EU membership costs the UK. I congratulate all involved in its production. Please view it and circulate it as widely as possible to any of your friends who are interested.

The second communication I received was Farage's EUKIP so called Independence magazine. It included voting papers for yet another set of constitutional changes whose sole and only objective is to tighten the Farage cabal's grip on EUKIP the same way the EU is remorselessly tightening its control of our country. 

If you are not in receipt of a copy I suggest you contact David Callice at and ask him to send you a copy. You can then compare the content and production for yourself of these two anti EU publications and judge for yourselves on who is more likely to get our country back for our children and grandchildren.

Trevor was like Nikki, Mike Natrass, Del Young, Martin Haslam and many others kicked out of UKIP for daring to question Farage, his motives and associates in relation to the EU.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Today QE, tomorrow Weimar, the day after the Nazis

The Fed, the ECB and the Bank of England are now indulging in money printing on a scale even Robert Mugabe never managed. Its the easy short term way out for the political elite as its dire consequences for the electorate do not all appear immediately.

One consequence of near zero interest rates, a necessary condition for QE however has been noticed. People with savings receive almost zero interest and those with large debts including sovereign governments pay almost nothing in interest repayments. As inflation continues unabated at 4% plus this means negative real interest rates for savers so what your savings will buy is steadily diminishing

Meanwhile those with large debts secured on real assets will benefit when the price of these assets rise because of inflation

So what we have now is a hidden transfer of wealth from the prudent saver to the feckless and  imprudent debtor. This will continue and will accelerate as it did in the German Weimar Republic in the late 1920s until the prudent middle class find their wealth has been largely destroyed  and only the spivs and feckless thrive. In those conditions far right parties will thrive They will have the support, explicit and tacit, of the great silent majority, the middle class.

Its a frightening prospect but already we have had two democratic European governments replaced by EU politburo puppets. Who will be next? Not one of our politicians has objected to the EU Nazi behaviour so far. When they come for us it will be too late

Friday, 3 February 2012

UKIP similarities to RBS

Listening to the RBS saga this week I was struck by the structural management similarities between RBS and UKIP both dominated by autocratic domineering leaders walking all over inadequate and weak boards whose alleged function is to rein in their chief execs worst follies.

On the RBS board there was a so called chairman plus a collection of  well remunerated allegedly independent non executive directors who unanimously voted through the disastrous takeover of ABN Amro, a can or worms loaded with toxic debt. The killer was the Fred decision to buy ABN for cash not by issuing RBS shares. This so depleted RBS reserves that it went under in the subsequent credit crunch.

Fred has been a useful sole whipping boy for this disaster but of course the non-execs were also culpable. But as Tiny Rowlands once famously remarked non-execs serve the same purpose as Xmas decorations on your tree. They have no useful function. They collect a fat fee, typically around 80K per annum . But who appoints them? Well the chief exec usually appoints these people so its unprofitable to oppose the chief exec. You tend to end up as an ex non-exec very quickly!

Its a system wide open to abuse and manipulation. The only real check is the AGM where the board has to answer questions from the shareholders from the floor. Motions critical of the board are also discussed and voted on but these have to be submitted in advance of the meeting.

Compare this with UKIP. Farage is all powerful with huge powers of patronage to put some unusual people onto UKIP MEP slates and remove those whom he sees as his political enemies irrespective of how good they would be for UKIP. The UKIP NEC is supine and compliant kept obedient by the hopes of MEP preferment which requires unquestioning obedience to Nigel's wishes.

UKIP does have an AGM but there is not the strict rules that govern company AGMs. In fact there don't seem to be any rules at all!

As for members asking questions from the floor, forget it! The last time I was at a UKIP meeting where Farage answered members questions they all had to be submitted in writing in advance so that inconvenient questions that Mr Farage might find difficult to answer can be weeded out by the wannabee MEP chairman and never get asked. 

It was amusing that at the infamous Nov NEC meeting where Mr Mottram appeared his initial question to Farage was why Farage continued to employ his wife on a fat salary when the practice was against the code of conduct. Indeed!

The other similarity is in the waste of capital by Fred and political capital by Farage. The last European elections were held just after the expenses scandal had infected and crippled LibLabCon. Never was there such a propitious moment for UKIP. The three main political EU phile parties had all shot themselves in the foot at once. It was a chance that will never come again for UKIP. Farage and the cabal pissed the chance away. They got one more MEP than at the election 5 years previously!

They  are incapable of converting the huge anti-EU sentiment in the UK into meaningful electoral results that will kick start our exit from the EU. Instead the Cabal prefer to squabble over the the mess of potage thrown to them by the EU.

Which organisation has been worse led RBS or UKIP? Well at least RBS have now got new leadership. UKIP has not. It is under the total control of the Cabal who will ensure new leadership won't happen. The EU gravy train is what they want. That is why they are in UKIP.