Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Coalition loses EU vote by 13

This is great news for all Euro-realists. Ok the majority was only 13 but remember  Heath took us in on a majority of 8 which was bought by the EEC. OK its not binding on HMG but once MPs rebel its always easier the next time. There lies our best chance of repealing Heath's 72 Act. The 1970 election was a disaster for this country. There was a conspiracy between Labour and Tories not to mention Europe. (There were only 4 Liberals then.). Wilson counted on a country pre-occupied eith the World Cup. He was wrong, England got beat by the Huns to whom Heath surrendered 2 years later.

Our West Country Tory MP Dr Sarah Woolaston refused to be bought by whip's promises. There will bemore to follow her. The coalition means Tory whips do not have the bribes to offer their revolting backbenchers who are restrained from expressing their views by the EU worshipping LibDems. Cast irons troubles are coming in battalions. Wait till wee Eck sends round the fiery cross.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Greek debt to be writen off soon

Dr Frau Merkel is being urged by her 'allies' to agree to Greek debt relief. Its OK for them its not their money and they don't have to face the German electorate. Spanish banks have been instructed to write down theie property loans by 63%. Any one who thinks that means a load of cheap Spanish re-possessed property will be coming on the market soon is correct. However if you want to buy it you must take a long spoon. Spanish property titles are often not what they seem as a number of my friends will testify too. Caveat Emptor!

 I read the Bank of England will soon double its complement of deputy governors to four. Jobs for the boys! Twenty years ago when the BoE was ten times the size it is now it had one deputy governor, Eddie George. They are obviously adopting the BBC tatics. When the sh*t hits the fan the more deputies the thinner it can be spread.

Re hurricane Sandy where is Julian?

The BBC reports, "More than 30 Conservative MPs are calling for a real-terms cut in the European Union's budget ahead of an important Commons vote on the issue". No change there then.

Monday, 29 October 2012

The EU is a millstone round our neck

The Yanks used to say hitch your wagon to a a star. The UK political class have hitched us to a lead balloon called the EU. The EU is a contracting market. Car and LCV sales in Southern Europe are down around 40% . That is why Ford are shutting UK factories. Its not leaving the EU that is costing UK jobs its staying in it. Our trade with the EU is profoundly unbalanced in the EU's favour. Netting jobs off I reckon we have exported around 2 million high value manufacturing jobs to the EU.

This January around 35 million Bulgarians and Romanians will be able to come to the UK and compete for work and claim UK benefits for themselves and their children. The latter don't even have to be resident with their parents. Truely the EU has brought great UK benefits to Johnny Foreigner paid for by you and me.

As I noted in my reply to Alan Wood its the UK working class that is taking a huge hit on this. The boss class are OK. They have an unlimited supply of low cost non union labour to boost their profits. Don't believe them when they say leaving the EU will cost jobs. Leaving will create jobs. The only jobs lost will be the gang masters who employ slave Easr European EU labour.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Post Democracy Chiefs and Indians

Fraser Nelson wrote an excellent piece in Friday's DT pointing out how G Brown had set up his government in exile by getting all his placemen and fellow travellers appointed to controlling positions in quangos and charities. These include household names like Save the Children (Justin Forsyth, GB's ex strategy chief), NSPCC  (Peter Watt former Labour party general secretary) and CAFOD, the Catholic Aid Agency has Damien McBride former GB spin meister. Public sector union activists and officials are paid by HMG and have security passes to government buildings. No wonder Cameron's efforts at reform always seem to run into trouble. Many charities receive a large percentage of their funds from HMG and have very highly paid CEOs which must siphon off a lot of the funds so the intended recipients get a whole lot less. For this reason I do not now donate to charities.

What are the Tories doing about this? Nelson writes of Cameron, 'He is too much of a gentleman to play Labour's game and start stuffing quangoes with Tory placemen'. So we have quangoes where an estimated 77% of activists are Labour. Have the Tories learned nothing from the last Labour boundary review exercise where they barely bothered to send representatives whilst Labour put out their best team to gerrymander constituency boundaries in their favour as far as possible. The Tories are still trying to claw back what they lost then but of course as prisoners of the LibDems they now cannot.

There is a real lack of core elctoral nous in the Tories but far more so in EUKIP. You need to attend to the boring nitty gritty crucial details. Look at the effort Obama and Romney are putting into swing states like Ohio. Look at the professionalism of the US operations compared with the bumbling amateur approach of the Tories and the total incompetence of UKIP who in the recent London elections when they could not even get their candidates name on to the ballot paper. What was Mr Crowther, UKIP's party supremo doing? What is he paid for?

There is a complete lack of basic simple electoral expertise in UKIP. UKIP MEP candidates simply don't want to do the hard electoral graft. I was appalled last time in the South West when the party members voted for William Legge, a belted Earl with no electoral record, rather than Alan Wood one of the 5 elected district councillors UKIP then had. Alan knew how to run an elctoral campaign and had a long record of hard work for UKIP. He has now left UKIP. I thought deference for the aristos died with the WW I when the aristo leadership led to over a million dead. Lions led by donkeys was the truth.The lesson does not seem to have sunk in with the SW donkey UKIP members.

Poor a candidate as Legge was we are expected now to have Neil Hamilton as lead SW UKIP MEP candidate. Incredible! A man mired in the cash for questions scandal and unsuccesful libel actions. A man who in the 1997 General Election lost Tatton the fourth safest Conservative seat in the UK to an Independent by a majority of 11000! He was selected by the local party who after Hamilton's defeat promptly ditched him and selected Gideon, call me George, Osborne. I never saw Hamilton at any of the meetings working for UKIP in 2009. Come to that I never saw Legge until the MEP slate selection meeting.

That is UKIPs problem. Too many incompetent Chiefs and not enough Indians, Success comes from talent, expertise, training and hard graft. UKIP fails on all four. Sure they will get a lot of votes in 2014, but it will only be protest vote in an elction that the electors know is meaningless. 
Read Crouch's book entitled Post Democracy to understand what is going on.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Nuttall gets shafted by Lib Dem woman on Daily Politics

Nuttall got done over by a 57 year old Lib Dem, Fiona Hall, on the A Neil politics show today

She kicked the ball into an open goal like what Nuttall could not do in his Tranmere days but to be fair its team coach Farage who should take the blame. La Hall simply pointed out that many MEPs go to Brussels collect the dosh disappear without doing their committee work. Can you name anyone asked the mischievous Neil. Yes the lady replied, Paul Nuttall has only attended one meeting of the Environment committee in over 3 years. Nuttall blustered on about opposing the EU but if you go to Brussels as an avowedly leave the EU MEP you are of course wide open to that kick in the balls from the LibDem ladies. Its what you call a soft target.

It is of course Farage's long time policy for all elected UKIP MEPs to go to Brussels. This policy also attracts the sort of person Farage wants as UKIP MEP wannabees. Those who have a flexible moral positions and a love of money will find themselves high up UKIP MEP slates.  But as St Paul said, 'the love of money is the root of all evil'. UKIP in Brussels embodies the truth of St Paul's view. The founding father of UKIP, Alan Sked, opposed UKIP sending its elected members to Brussels but that of course requires putting principle before EU money.

Nuttall made an excellent point about how only 4% of EU staff are UK citizens but we comprise 12% of the EU by GDP or population. This got blown away easily by La Hall. How much more effective UKIP's position would be if they withdrew from Brussels until that anomaly at least is rectified. The EU however have Farage by the short and curlies. Don't turn up in Brussels and we will de-select you as an MEP. This was of course the Farage tactic against me and David Abbott when we were elected attending members of  the NEC and led to the party's other name EUKIP. His chosen instrument to deselect us was Farage loyalist Bannerman. That's right the man who defected to the Tories. When Farage talks of loyalty that's what he means. Its not loyalty to UKIP and its ideals but unquestioning loyalty and obedience to Farage. That's why Nuttall is an MEP and deputy leader.

Its a pity UKIP rank and file do not realise the above. For its MEPs to be deselected by the EU would be a huge strategic advantage to UKIP in any UK election. Will it happen. Of not course. The love of money will triumph.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cameron does not have a Wiilie -and it shows

That was the brilliant title of Sue Cameron's piece in today's DT subtitled, The PM needs an enforcer who cna bring order to chaos in the Cabinet. As I wrote earlier whoever let Cam appear with the omnishambles Nicola Murray is not on the our planet. Ms Cameron's thesis is nothing is joined up in Cam's government and worse many departments are pursuing contradictory policies. Mrs T had the oyster eyed Willie Whitelaw to stop this happening and Tony had the Prince of Darkness himself, P Mandelson.

But who does Cam have? Well no one obvious so I guess things will go on as before.

The DT sub-editors were in good form with the Peter Oborne piece entitled Patten personifies everything that is wrong with the BBC elite. They are smug, patronisng, arogant and over paid. Worse, Patten whom the Chinese called Fat Pang wrote avery ill judged reply to Maria Miller the culture secretary who had rightfully expresed  worries about public trust and confidence in the BBC. Arrogance starts at the top in all organisations.

I see my former bank colleague Matthew Hancock is now a PUSSY in the Business Dept after 2 years in the Coomons. I was vilified on the UKIP NEC by Denny for pointing out Mr Gill who waved Andreasen onto the UKIP MEP slate had not evn made PUSSY in 15 years! Denny's problem was he did not know what a PUSSY was. It stands for Parly Under Sec of State.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

EU demands more as Spain and Greece starve

Austerity bites all over Europe but not on the Brussels Strasbourg political elite who have just voted themselves a 6% budget increase thx to the MEPs. How much extra is that for you Mr Farage?

Europe ratchets up grip on Madrid is today's DT business headline. Fat lot of good that will do. Seven of the Spanish autonomous regions are bust and two, Basque country and Catalonia want to seccede. EYou cant get a quart out of a pint pot Mr Barroso.

I loved Quentin Letts desription in the Daily Mail of the Entwistle gutting yesterday. It was full of great phrases, "BBC court eunchs" and ended "George Entwistle seems a likeable enough bloke but he is another chipolata from the managerial sausage factory, not the cultural visionary the BBC needs."

Click on link for full article

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cameron shows his lack of common sense

Yesterday evening to escape the BBC contemplating its navel I switched to ITV at 10:30 to a programme called the Agenda chaired and invented by their well connected political editor, Tom Bradby. I was astounded to find the PM appearing on and much worse sitting next the actress Rebecca Front the actress who plays the recently deposed leader of the opposition Nicola Murray memorably dubbed an omni-shambles by Malcolm Tucker, the Alastair Campbell type character  in the BBC political satire, 'The Thick of It".  Cameron's lack of judgement is appalling. As my granny used to say a man is known by the company he keeps. Sitting on a sofa next to an omni-shambles makes Cameron look one himself.

The other two 'guests' were arch snob Julian Fellowes who writes Downton Abbey and less controversial Stella Rimington former head of MI5. Quite obviously there is no one of any political sense left advising Cameron. No wonder he gets screwed by the EU.

At lunch time I watched the pathetic new BBC DG omni-shambles, George Entwistle blaming the News Night editor Peter Ripon for the Savile PR disaster whilst denying all knowledge of anything himself. Why are we paying this guy £500,000 or so?  He played the three wise monkey defence worse tan James Murdoch before the same committee. Clearly the MPs are going to have Mr Rippon in to get his side of the story plus his direct boss Helen Boaden for another grilling. Meanwhile more BBC damaging emails are emerging. This one will run and run. Mr Entwistle is obviously going for the record of shortest tenure as DG in the history of the Beeb.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Beeb and BoE - two smug institutions

Both the Beeb and my former employer the BoE are state funded services dominating their markets. I worked for one and my homosexual cousin worked for the other. They both regard themselves as great national institutions rivaled only by the Pope in the infallibility stakes. Their self promoted image has however taken a severe battering recently.

The Beeb is an extraordinary place, a hotbed of homosexuality and Judaism. Heterosexual Christians seemed to bevery  under-represented. As I wrote in my previous blog I complained about A Marr's serial guest Helena Kennedy. I received an incredibly patronising reply notable showing they clearly had no figures on La Kennedy's appearances. It is incredible the number of Beeb types crawling out of the woodwork saying they always knew J Saville was a pervert. Where was the children's saint Esther Rantzen when all this was going on for all these years?

Someone has obviously sussed Merv King. The DT business prints a letter today criticising Merv's 9th Oct LSE speech saying the results of inflation targeting over the last 20 years had resulted in low and stable inflation. No mention of cheap far East imports keeping prices down. They of course are quick to invoke these external factors now inflation is out of control. Nothing we can do about that Guv.

I once uttered the ultimate heresy at a bank meeting. "I did not think changes in BoE REPO rate were having much effect on UK consumer prices." I compounded my heresy by adding that interest rates did however have a profound effect on house price inflation which is not in the RPI or CPI. My point is I said it when I was in the Bank not after I retired as the great British Establishment, Beeb types, Generals, Admirals, Diplomats etc! My remark produced a sharp intake of breath and a stony silence!

I have no respect for those who do not speak out at the time but as soon as their gongs etc have been secured speak out from the safety of a comfortable retirement. Who do they think they are kidding?

What is currently worrying is the amount of money printing that is going on here in the UK. The have invented a wonderful phrase, Quantitative Easing, to imply this is some sort of laxative rather than just plain old fashioned money printing that Mr Mugabe used to be derided for. (Zimbabwe now uses the US dollar). QE is now destroying the pensions of ordinary retirees but the gong hunters don't care about that. Their large  pensions are final salary index linked!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Wee Alec shows Farage how its done

Alec Salmond gave a masterclass this morning in handling awkward questions from so called TV interviewers. His performance against LibDem patsy Marr was particularly impressive. Marr could not lay a glove on him and did not realise that Salmond was giving the interview from Perth. These BBC types are soooo professional as they keep on telling themselves.

It was a similar story with Sky's Dermot something or other but at least Dermot got the place right, Perth. It was a similar score, Wee Eck 10 TV journo 0.

Three months ago I wrote to the BBC to complain about how often Helena Kennedy was appearing on Marr's show to review the papers. I received the standard non-reply from the Beeb 99% of which was not relevant to my complaint but since then La Kennedy has not appeared with her LibDem views. Good!

I thought Theresa May also gave a good performance against Paisley hard man A Neil.  She was well turned out and came across well compared to the shifty posh boys like Hunt, Osborne and Cameron who are looking increasing like liabiliies for the Tories. Could Theresa be the heir to Maggie and next Tory leader after they get trounced by Millipede and Balls x 2 next election. Might be worth a punt if you can get decent odds.

Spain went to the polls today in Galicia, Rajoy's home province, and the Basque country. I recorded my views on Spain 10 days ago for Trevor Colman's EUnit and pointed out how difficult it was to run Spain because of its decentralised financial structure. I ended up by saying Spain was a basket case. Results tonight, Oct 21, might well prove it.

As for Farage I listened to him on AQ where he ran a poor fourth to Bob Crow, Ann Soubry and Mrs Bercow. Time he learned that the Bercows have the beating of him. He should watch how we Eck does it and try and learn but I am afraid NF does not do learning.

Friday, 19 October 2012

UKIP NEC runners & riders

As in previous years I will mark your card of the NEC candidates. Those successful will be very disappointed when they arrive to find that it is a pointless organisation totally controlled by Farage through his power of patronage for the wannabe MEPs who feature strongly in this candidate list which I give below in alphabetical order with my ratings.

Alan Bown -a depleted moneybags in Nigel's pocket

Nigel Clark - no MEP contagion and may be worth a vote

Geoffrey Clark -" Farage and Finch" will tell you what a decent fellow I am" - hoist by his own petard

Toby Coke - seems OK. Black mark for being proposed by Agnew

Chas Dodman - no MEP contagion may be worth a vote

Terry Durrance - Nuttall associate - avoid

Seb Fairweather - no previous - may be politically a bit naive as he lists Farage as one of his assentors

Sean Howlett - Hamilton, Nuttall and Batten listed -avoid

Bazza Mahoney - Clark, Helmer, Farage and Agnew! Thumbs down definitely

Mick McGough - Farage, Denny, Batten Bloom, Helmer ! A wannabe in spades - avoid at all costs

Rob McWhirter -serial NEC candidate, decent bloke pity about his Murky Castle background

Toby Mickelthwait - another serial NEC type- ineffectual so fits in well

Andrew Moncreiff - Nuttall & Farage- says it all- avoid

Paul Oakley - Towler and McGough - again says it all - avoid

Chis Pain - Only one to dare criticize current NEC; Great campaigner - the outstanding candidate

Scott- Hayward - thinks UKIP has a significant Scottish presence - way out of touch

Piers Wauchope - no previous, no obvious MEP contagion - could be OK

So there you have it dear readers one good candidate and three or four possibles. The rest to be avoided if you want independent thought representing ordinary members on the UKIP NEC.

Comments welcome!

PS just arrived from UKIP HQ is a list of PC candidates. I note they could not get one person to stand in my area, Avon & Somerset so I can sleep safe in my bed thank goodness.

PPS Which UKIP MEPs were absent? Bannerman, now a Tory, Nikki for refusing to sit with Nigel's nasty friends, Trevor awol, Mike Natrass too close to Nikki and most significantly our belted Earl, William Legge but nitty gritty politics was always a bit beneath him.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Marie Antoinette inspires the EU

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, is most famous for her reply when told that the people had no bread, 'Let them eat cake' was the Austrian lady's reply. Things have not changed with the latter day EU kings and queens, Hollande & Merkel.  A man died in Greece today but what was the EU's reply from their smug well fed leaders meeting in Brussels today? More austerity and more central control of national budgets.

That is always their solution, more rules, more regulation and more money for the political elite.

All is not happy however  between the Sun King and his Valkerie Queen over the location and jobs from Airbus. Thank God our incompetence kept us out of merging with that company!

I hope the candidates for Governor of the Bank of England will be interviewed in public by the MPs on the Treasury Select Committee. The question I would like to see asked is, "How do you propose keeping control of City bank regulation out of the hands of the EU?" If they don't get it right London will take a huge hit and we all will suffer, even Wee 'Eck in his northern fortress.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Farage and the Tories

Del Young pointed out to me an interesting interpretation of the choice of words the new Tory chairman Grant Shaps used in an interview last week with Andrew Neil. AN was on one of his favourite themes, will there be an electoral pact next election between the Tories and the Eurosceptics? Absolutely not said Mr Shaps there will be no electoral pact with UKIP. Del opines and I agree there will be no pact but there will be a deal. The deal will not be with UKIP but with Farage who will be offered the red leather to appear for the Tories in the HoL leaving his many EUKIP sycos in the lurch.

Robert Browning put it this way in his poem, 'The Lost Leader'.

Just for a handful of silver he left us,
  Just for a ribbon[4] to stick in his coat—

Substitute Euro millions for silver red leather for ribbon and you have updated the poem by 200 years.

My old school chum Clive 'Fairey' Fairweather sadly died last week. We sat next to each other at dinner only 10 weeks ago. He and I were both members of the bad boys club at school. He was asked to leave, 'for the good of the school'. One of us was unsackable as his father was a school governor. I managed to survive but we were generally regarded by the headmaster, a Farage type, as subversives. Several of the older and best members of the teaching staff, non Dewar appointees, were however very sympathetic to our cause.

Fairey went on to have an outstanding military career and never compromised his principles. Click on the links below to read his DT and Scotsman obits.

Our creed was articulated by Robert Burns

The rank is but the guinea's stamp
The mans the gowd for a'that

Our country could do with a lot less deference and more realism. We have far to many Lords a leaping. A cull is needed. I doubt if Fairey would have been caught out by the latest fake sheikh Sunday TImes sting on our ex top brass. He in fact declined promotion to Brigadier and retired early.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cameron's EU Devo Max plan & UKIP London MEP slate

Alec Salmond wanted a third option on the Scottish Referendum ballot paper along the lines of repatriating more powers to the Scottish government. Cameron's great triumph was to "defeat" this proposal. Ho, hum. What is Cam's EU position? Its exactly the same. Repatriate more powers to Westminster and the EU's answer will be exactly the same as Cam's was to the Scots, FO. If you don't like it have an straight IN/OUT vote. Oh dear that would be the  end of PM Cam at the hands of his coalition dodgy allies the LibDums.

Our political leaders are big on hypocrisy and short on common sense and decency. He who lives by hypocrisy will die by hypocrisy and lets hope Cam takes his posh boys with him.

I read on Junius that Gerard Batten is not to be selected as UKIP's numero uno in the 2014 European elections. Poor Gerard! He has sucked up to Farage assiduously these last two years but his goose was cooked when  he stood against Farage for the leadership. Winston is a shoo in and that other arch Farage supporter, McGough will just have to wait and be even more sycophantic and not stand against the leader in any way and pray some young London lady does not come along to catch the leader's eye..

Monday, 15 October 2012

Why Alastair Darling is fronting the Scottish Unionist Campaign

Alastair Darling when at Loretto was not known for his great intellect. Why then is he fronting the campaign to secure a pro-union vote in the 2014 Scottish Referendum especially when the Tories proper name is the Conservative and Unionist party. There are two reasons.

The Tories are hated in Scotland and have only 1 or 2  MPs there. Cameron knows that to put a Tory up would therefore guarantee victory for Alec Salmond. So he has to find a better skin and has hit upon the Mr Badger of the Labour party.

Labour are jolly keen on this as they hold a huge number of seats in Scotland something like 50 + out of the 70 or so Scottish seats are held by Labour. The Tories always have a majority of seats in England so without Scotland in the UK Labour can never form a government.

Mr Darling is keen to shift the debate onto economic grounds. He better be careful. He was the man who with his master got the UK the biggest debt hole ever and the largest budget deficit. Watch what wee Eck does to him. I would bet on him being replaced by Dave but with whom? A tough question.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Scotland's Referendum & EUKIP

The Scottish referendum will be a straight in/out vote held in 2014 the year of the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn. The whole of Andrew Neil's Sunday Politics show dealing with this topic was completely one sided. The SNP will lose big because of the economic arguments. This is a taste of what will happen in an in/out EU referendum if we ever get that far. It was the same 700 years ago at Bannockburn. The Scots were outnumbered two to one but one thanks to incompetent English leadership and  Scots determination Robert the Bruce went on to win.

In terms of political skill Alec Salmond and his Scots hard men are way ahead of Dave and his motley collection of posh boys. The battle for Scotland I opine will be lost on the playing fields of Eton.
Alec's strategy has its weaknesses. Why leave one union, the UK, to join a bigger one, the EU? Surely it is better for Scotland to follow the path of Norway and Switzerland, similar sized countries, and negotiate a free trade deal with the EU under GATT rules and avoid EU membership. Perhaps the Greek disaster will register with the SNP and the desirability of controlling ones own currency as Switzerland and Norway do.

As for defence I remember when the UK lost the Cod War to little Iceland, population 300,000! They simply asked NATO to leave its base in Iceland and the UK caved in. Lets see how the peace loving, nuclear hating LibDems like it when nuclear subs with nuclear warheads get moved to Plymouth!

Scotland has neither an immigration or Muslim problem unlike England.

The position of the Queen is not relevant. The Union of the Crowns took place in 1603  over 100 years before parliamentary union in 1707. That's why Queenie is Lizzy I in Scotland and England's Jimmy I was Jimmy VII north of the border. She is also of course Queen in umpteen Commonwealth countries.

Scotland has its own legal system, a different and now far superior education system, a healthy disrespect for rank. As they sing in Selkirk, 'For its up wi the Soutars of Selkirk and doone with the craven Lord Hume'. (Sir Alec, 14th Earl Hume, was of course another Old Etonian.) Scotland has a much stronger relationship with the US whose own declaration of independence was heavily influenced by the Scottish declaration of Arbroath of 1320 following Bannockburn. This established the principle that a monarch can only govern with the consent of the people! Revolutionary stuff then and worth remembering in 2012.

But what of EUKIP? I am certain they will campaign to preserve the UK as a union and see no contradiction in their own supposed raison d'etre to leave the European Union. Yes they are that stupid in EUKIP.

Labour will campaign for the Union for purely electoral reasons. The Tories always have a majority of MPs in England. If they had any sense they would support Alec. Do they really want another Gordon Brown, Darling or even Blair.

This battle has only just started.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Where are theUKIP MEP's £10ks?

When he arrived at UKIP as Treasurer Stuart Wheeler saw there were a dozen or so quite wealthy members of UKIP called MEPs. They were receiving a large salary from the EU. They were not elected as MEPs because of their talent or ability but because of the hard work of ten thousand ordinary poor UKIP members. Mr Wheeler asked they each shell out £10k to the part which got them on the gravy train. Oh No cried our MEPs that's our wages for doing such a good job - I presume they mean doing a good job for the EU.

Mr Wheeler had the right idea but he has to realise what he is dealing with at the top of EUKIP. They are there not for the cause as Mr Wheeler is but for what they can get out of the EU financially. And now the great panto artiste Neil Hamilton wants in on the act. I hope the lucrative EU jollies will not curtail Mr Hamilton's panto commitments. No other political party would stand Mr Hamilton as a candidate but  EUKIP is of course not a party but a cult.

Mr Wheeler is a decent man with integrity and common sense, something he shares with the vast majority of UKIP's rank and file but when the fish rots it starts at the head. The stench in the higher reaches of EUKIP makes one's stomach turn. Decency and integrity do not exist there only duplicity, greed and self interest thrive there.

Also too sick making to be true is the ludicrous decision of the Nobel committee to award the peace prize to the EU. Peace in Europe has been maintained by NATO with its core US forces most recently in Bosnia. Where was Barroso, Rumpy and Frumpy when the ethnic cleansing was going on there? It was the Nazi concentration camps on a less industrial scale sorted out by NATO.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

What will the SW 2014 MEP slate be?

Good old Junius has fingered Neil Hamiton as a shoo in for numero uno in the SW with Crowther, Carver and Mrs Hamilton vying for second place. How lucky UKIP is to have such a collection of loyal supporters of the great leader. Neil Hamilton was defeated in his Tatton seat in 1997 at the height of the Tory sleaze allegations by the man in the white suit. Tatton's current MP is wee Gideon Osborne.

What about William Legge, the belted Earl of Dartmouth, and current SW MEP? What about G Towler, long time supporter of the leader and no 3 on the 2009 list? What about Trevor Colman also a current Sw MEP ? Are they all now out of favour the great leader? What have they done to incur the leader's disfavour?  Answers in my comment box below would be much appreciated.

Junius reports Crowther and Carver will do the SW interviewing of MEP wannabees so no bias there then. There will of course have to be a woman on the interview panel and amongst the possible SW females are Steph McWilliam and Elizabeth Burton both of whom have an impeccable record of supporting the leader.

Junius also reports the final list will not be published until. late April for the early May election by the Farage controlled UKIP NEC. Many will have been promised the number one and two slots in regions across the UK. Most will be disappointed but they will be smeared as bad losers and as Junius says by then it will be too late for those poor fooled, used and abused souls to do anything but cry in their beer.  That is the UKIP way. Many are called but few are chosen.

Last time regions had a vote on who they wanted as candidates. Democracy is however a risky procedure and may select closet Tory sympathisers and those who do not wish to associate with neo fascists in a pan European party of the right. Much safer to let the great wise  leader choose the MEP slates and avoid this unnecessary democratic risk. We don't want a further crop of unbelievers as MEPs.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Where did UKIP's EU millions go

I received today a begging email from UKIP treasurer Stuart Wheeler claiming to be a personal message, addressing me by my first name and soliciting for money for UKIP. I have never met Mr Wheeler and generally those I do not know address me as Dr or Mr Edmond. Worse, Mr Wheeler does not give a return personal email address where I can send him my reply. Both I regard as normal courtesy and standard business practice.

I suggest Mr Wheeler rattles his begging bowl in front of UKIP's current MEPs who collect in total around one million pounds annually from the EU. If he posts the contributions he has collect from Mr Farage etc on the UKIP website it would encourage me and others to think about donating to UKIP otherwise FO.

My old Dad used to say smart businessman gets tied up with politician its the businessman who gets shafted. I saw Ms Abbott do this to a business tycoon about 18 months ago on the A Neil show. Mr Wheeler better watch out!

Reuters report BAe EADS merger is off. Shafted by the Fourth Reich. Thank God for that. Now it's time for the shareholders to ask BAe some sharp questions and probably look for a new CEO.

UK economy is not looking great

That's what the IMF think. Having just visited the mighty metropolis of Yeovil I must agree. There was lots of  closed shops and not much spending going on.

The Greeks must have put about 7000 police on the streets and shut down the centre of Athens to guard Merkel today.  Reuters reports tens of thousands of demonstrators against Merkel's, I'm in charge visit. I bet she left her towel on the sun lounger as well!

This BAe EADS proposed merger will be a disaster. When will Cameron stand up for UK interests and veto it with his golden share.

Jeremy Warner got it right in today's Telegraph, Europe and Britain are sinking under the weight of welfare costs. No rational non government controlled business would think about investing in the Eurozone so why are Bae tying up to a sinking ship. I hope shareholder power will stop it.

Meanwhile Hollande is piling more welfare costs onto the French. Its all looking like melt down to me and I have no doubt without Malcolm Tucker we will be in the thick of it.

Sorry I wrote this yesterday but for some reason it did not publish so I will try again.  

Monday, 8 October 2012

Nikki's WDAR party - further thoughts

This is a party dedicated to real democracy for real people not political wannabees. I well remember in 1972 Heath rejecting the many calls for a referendum from all sides of the political spectrum saying it was a matter for MPs in parliament. The only time he ever got remotely near the truth was when he said that if we had a referendum on the  Common Market what was the point in being an MP? Exactly. Allowing referendums would take power away from the political class and give it to the people which is the answer to a question asked from the floor on Friday as to why politicians hated referendums.

Nikki's party is the only vehicle available to us to restore power to the people and deserves to be supported for this alone.

It of course also provides a splendid vehicle for Nikki to be re-elected as an MEP. That is a necessary evil in my book but she does of course spend most of her MEP dosh to further our cause. Ask how much Farage has given to UKIP? I can recollect one donation of £1000 made under duress. I reckon UKIP's MEPs have received around £50 million from the EU since 1999. Where has this money gone? What has been achieved? Well nothing for our cause but a very lucrative living for Farage and his chums. As Napoleon said, 'politics is the only area ability and talent is not required to succeed'. Farage and his cabal daily prove the truth of this remark.

Elected representatives provide a democratic mandate for the MEPs or MPs views. The problem is these views most often conflict with the views and interests of the electors other than at election time when they miraculously converge for a brief 3 week period. Thereafter the elected representative can ignore the views and interests of his electors where they do not support his own views.

Does it have to be this way? Not nowadays with the Internet polls of the populace's views can easily be held but our MPs can just as easily ignore these as they have done over the EU. No, the only way is to adopt the Swiss system and legislate that if a petition is presented with say 1 million signatures demanding a referendum to change an existing or proposed government policy then such a referendum must beheld and the result would be binding on the government. Its perfectly feasible after all Downing Street already has set up its petition web site. It is a week thing and the MPs are not even obliged to hold a debate let alone bind the government but it is a start and we should work on expanding it.

The Swiss have shown it works at all levels, national, cantonal and local. It has delivered for the Swiss the highest standard of living and best run country in the world. There is a statistical reason for this. It has been well established in many fields that the average view of ordinary people is always superior to that of self appointed experts.

Support Nikki's initiative! Its a start to turning our country into another country like peace loving prosperous Switzerland.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

UKIP's dodgy brigade show up at Nikki's party

I went up to London on Friday to attend Nikki's we want a referendum meeeting. As I got messed around by SW Trains I decided to go by bus so I arrived around 12:30. Bannerman was still hanging around but I am glad I did not have to speak to him. I was told Towler,  UKIP's press officer. and McGough had turned up and been refused admittance. Also that John Moran another Faragista had gained admittance but he was spotted and also ejected. What serious political party sends its representatives to another party's event? None! But for UKIP, wedded to dirty tricks, its par for the course.

There were around 70 attendees. I wish this new party it well. Unlike UKIP it is trying to do something.

The questions from the floor were clearly not selected and managed as at UKIP meetings but they showed the honesty of the attendees. Politically they are a bit naive but who wants more professional politicians?

There will a referendum but when and what will be the question. The Nikki idea of a Royal Commission is also naive. Who chooses the chairman and members of a Royal Commission? The PM who will ensure it is packed with the great and good Europhiles. Think again Nikki.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

European golfers choose their national flag

It was instructive to see the European golfers celebrating their win over the US ditching the awful EU circle of fading stars for their own national flags asap. No doubt there was some monetary inducement to use the discredited circle of stars but the golfers actions showed where there hearts lay.

Osborne's plan for banks to ring fence their retail operations from their investment banking has run into direct conflict with the EU who want a complete split so reinventing the Glass Steagall Act set up in the US after the Great Smash and scrapped in the 90s at the behest of the US banking lobby by the great Fornicator. This is one time that the EU have got it right. Ring fencing is a banking lobby fudge and won't work.

Its the same with the proposed BAe EADS merger. The idea that nationally important parts of the merged business can be ring fenced is nonsense as the US defence department will very quickly tell the Franco Prussians. Still its nice to see the French and Germans squabbling over where the proposed joint venture should be headquartered, Toulouse or Munich. Thus low has the UK defence industry sunk.

The leave the EU parties are still easily tripped up by the media slickers who demand policies. There is a easy answer. What is the point of having policies you cannot implement and which can be vetoed by the EU? You can only have real national policies by leaving the EU. Anything else is wishful thinking.